Thursday, May 18, 2006

Brandon is Getting Old!

So, I'm watching Without a Trace tonight, waiting for my husband to get back home from out of town. The voice of one of the guest stars sounds familiar, and I'm looking at him, but not recognizing him. It's Brandon Walsh!. A very old looking Brandon. And I think his nose is different, too. I know that he was in some sort of racing accident, so maybe that's why, or maybe I just don't remember too well.

The sad thing is that when I pulled up that bio linked above, I noticed his birthdate and that he is only one year older than me. I'm hoping that all my clean living has left me looking better than he was looking on that show.

So, now you know that I'm familiar with the whole 90210 gang. I was a bit old for the show when it first came out (meaning I wasn't a high schooler or jr higher who wanted to be Kelly or Brenda), but I watched here and there anyway. It wasn't a show that my husband had any interest in watching, so it got thrown on the back burner, but over the last few years, I caught up with most of the episodes on FX. It's basically trashy, I guess, but as it got more far-fetched, it seemed more justifiable. It's just escapism fantasy fiction.

Also tonight was the season finale of Will and Grace. I am not a regular viewer of the show. I've seen it maybe a handful of times. Yes, it does amuse me, but I find it to be too real. I feel like there's a bit of an agenda there, or at least an erosion of moral fiber, and by watching it, it becomes more acceptable. However, the NBC marketing worked. I was seeing all the ads about the "last Will and Grace ever," and I was a bit curious. There's something about a finale. So, I tuned in. It was a nice ending. We got to see how they all turned out, which I think we want for these TV people in whom we invest our lives.

The West Wing also ended earlier this week. I have watched that show for most of the years it's been on, and even catch reruns on Bravo occasionally. I like most of the characters (or like not to like them). I was sad that it ended, because it's one of the three or four shows that my husband and I are interested in watching. It ended okay. The whole season was kind of an ending, and we have gotten a glimpse of what might be happening to CJ, Josh, Donna etc.

All in all, TV is pretty surreal--the getting invested in actors or the characters that they play. I have a hard enough time figuring out how people are perceiving me. Being an actor must be an odd thing. No wonder so many of them have gone over the edge about one thing or another.

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Katrina said...

I'm not a big primetime TV watcher, but I do like Without a Trace. In fact, I just finished watching last night's episode (Tivo'd). You're right - Brandon *is* getting old! But we're not, so that's okay! :)

My guilty/secret pleasure this season was Invasion. Chad just laughed at the fact that I watched "that creepy alien show." But it wasn't picked up for next season, so I'll have to find a new show. :)