Friday, May 19, 2006

Digipet Update

The Digipet has taken a turn for the worse. The first problem for Fuzzy the Bunny pet was that Kyle chewed on it. So, his spit got all inside and the buttons didn't work. Once it dried out, they worked a little better, but I still had to use a pen to really push it in. Yes, notice I said "I." Amanda doesn't seem to take note of the beeping which indicates that the bunny needs something anymore.

So, I cared for it for a day, and the extra effort got to me, so I decided to tuck it away and let it die a peaceful death. That was 3 days ago! It won't die! In addition to the fact that it's not dying of neglect, at 14 years old, I think it should've died of natural causes by now.

I do try to shelter Amanda from some of the harsh things of life, but if she's supposed to be taking care of a virtual pet, and she doesn't, it should die! Things/peoples/characters die all the time on video games.

Moms of the world unite. Bring realism into playtime. Neglected Digipets should die!


Anonymous said...

You are very funny!!!!!!

Katrina said...

I hope Fuzzy passes quickly and peacefully, for the sake of all involved. :)

Jennifer said...

Fuzzy would not go peacefully and had to be euthanized (reset button on back).