Friday, June 09, 2006

Answers to Blog Questions

This comes directly from She Lives. She's been blogging about blogging for 7 days. I just found her yesterday, but since blogging, I find myself wondering these same thoughts. I thought I was going to answer several of the questions that she asked, but I did not find my answers interesting, so if I'm not even interested, then I figured I shouldn't waste blogspace with it. So, check out her whole list and other answers if you are curious.

-- What are your thoughts about encouraging offline friends to read your blog?

This is a question that I've been pondering myself! At first I blogged in secrecy--only one friend really knew about it. That helped me hit my groove and make sure it was something I could commit to doing regularly and with results that pleased me. Lately, I've been telling friends about it, and giving them the link. I get some great feedback from them, but it makes me a bit self-conscious, as if they might think I have given them the blog so that they read it and say, "Wow, you're a great writer. I love what you have to say." In reality, I tell people so that I have more accountability to write in general and accountability to write something of value in particular.

That leads me, Jennifer, to ask "If a tree falls in the forest, and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?"

If I'm writing, but no one is reading it, is it still worth the effort? I think so, but I do enjoy knowing that occasionally I get things right on target, or I say something that someone out there needed to hear.


blestwithsons said...

Yup. Having friends and family as readers definitely gives accountability. I can't blog shocking things when I know my MIL is gonna read! I can't bash my church -not that I want to - when I know the associate pastor might stop by!

Carol said...

And I agree that having folks give you feedback - just letting you know they stopped by and read your post - can be very encouraging.

Dianne said...

Well I kind of made the decision early on that I would not "promote" my blog. I think I did give one friend, plus my sister, the link. I'm not intending to blog in secret; and I know I need accountability. I guess I've preferred to visit and comment on other blogs and see who reciprocates. It's been fun to see who does stop by, and it keeps me from wondering "is anyone reading" - because I'm truly just writing for my personal enjoyment and improvement.

That said - I do believe in accountability - and do attempt to keep my posts above reproach. I wouldn't want anyone reading to ever be offended - least of all not the Lord!

Jennifer said...

I'm not implying that I (or you) would write recklessly without people you know reading it. I don't think it would really change the way I write. I don't see telling my friends about it as promotion, but almost the opposite--it's a fearful thing for me to do, because they do know me. . . . My blogworld friends are different, and I appreciate both groups of people. I guess by telling "real" people about it, it makes it seem more real to me. I love people's comments on this, because I am still trying to find where I sit on this fence!

Dianne said...

I'm just plain old too shy to tell anyone really. :( I wish I had more guts. It makes me wonder, will I be able to promote myself and the writing business I am starting like I need to, if I can't even tell anyone I blog? I am finding my sense of privacy has been more harmful than helpful over the years. Perhaps I will think about sharing this with some people! (All I really need to do is tell my mom and the world would know!)

Jennifer said...

Your doubts are exactly why I do tell people. Whenever I used to think about the possibility (however remote) of becoming a published writer, there would be this thought in my head about what would xx think if they read it. I'm hoping to get over that as I use this blog to help perfect my craft. But I also know that writing in relative anonymity was liberating in a different way, because I was just enjoying writing for the sake of writing. So, there's no right answer. .