Monday, June 26, 2006

Carnival of Family Life #7

I am proud to be hosting the Carnival of Family Life this week. By the way, Kailani is always looking for new submissions. Check out the guidelines and submit online. Also, for all who have participated, if you would like to host, contact her as well. It took me a bit of time to compile, but if you are handy with links, it's really not any trouble at all.

I have posted them in the order that they were received, but I would love to give special mention to new contributor, Creative Homeschooling. Her Satirical Cartoon featuring her children shows that she lives up to her name. It looks like everyone had fun with that. I also really appreciated the warnings of Summer Schedule Squeeze and The Mirror in the Backseat, and the laughs from Pregnancy Q&A.


And now, here's the Carnival of Family Life. Take some time to check out the articles, or save this page and read a few each day.

Lisa McGarry presents How To Find The Time To Give Children Individual Attention posted at Family Of Five.

Congratulations 2006 Graduates! and a dose of advice comes from Blog Fabulous.

Jennifer, at Snapshot relates her toddler's eating habits to her blogging in Cereal, Poptarts and Ketchup.

There are a lot parenting blogs and a lot of competition for readers' eyes. Kate at Babylune comes clean in this post about how professional jealousy made her hold back on telling her readers about two very good sources of information.

Peter gives us the humorous (but true) bed time ritual that happens every night at the Tutu Boutique.

NEW contributor Lone Star Academy shares a recent run in with the law.

Shang Lee gives some tips about Why We Get Sick.

Trinity Prep School jumps right into summer with Around the World at Summer Camp.

Jennie von Eggers, at Creative Homeschooling, a NEW contributor, presents Satirical Silly Warning HOT Coffee! and also a comical but informative warning about The Sugar Demon.

Peter at Radical Hop for his FIRST contribution shares the moving story about how My Life Sentence Turned Out to be a Gift.

NEW contributor Willow Tree relates a conversation that reminds her that she is loved in Glad to Know I'm of Some Use.

At Bruggie Tales they celebrate International Fairy Day, but is it a holiday without presents??

Of Princess and the Pea pits play against the Summer Schedule Squeeze. I think she made the right choice.

Callapidder Days works on her patience with her Mirror in the Back seat.

Mrs. Sanity Returns to Work, and submits her FIRST post.

Snow White, Seven Dwarves and PPD shares a little background about her family in Coincidence?

Getting Out of Debt gives some practical advice about Leftovers. It's all in the presentation.

Kailani at the the Pink Diary gives us a very funny Pregnancy Q&A.

Amy Allen Clark at The MotherLoad presents Friday Freebie: Free Samples

ChrisJ at DubiousProfundity,com presents Dubious Art, and the Art of Parenting

Also, each contributor gets entered into a drawing for some lovely chocolate covered macadamia nuts. This week's winner is Callapidder Days! Contact Kailani with your address and she'll send them out.

Look for next week's carnival at the Pink Diary.


Dianne said...

Wow, that must have been a lot of work posting all those links. Good job.

Anonymous said...

wonderful job on the Carnival. Thanks for including this newbie!

Have a blessed day!


Happy0303 said...

You did a wonderful job! The carnival looks great! After you've rest a bit (LOL), let me know when you'd like to host again!

I'm off to read!

Rachel Ann said...

You did a lovely job Jennifer and I'm glad to have been introduced to your blog and others as well.

Maureen said...

Great Job!