Monday, June 12, 2006

My First Carnival

I just recently became aware of blog carnivals. Certain websites solicit and compile submissions, from members of a weblog or with a certain theme. This Carnival of Family Life deals with submissions having to do with, um, family life. You can check out the new posts from the carnival each Monday. My post from a month or so ago called When Will I Learn is featured as the first link!

Check out the whole list, and look for these links:
I particularly enjoyed Chris Quimby's "Beaten at Scrabble," and Friday Playdate's bloody tale. If you're not completely grossed out after that one, keep looking down the list and read the Tutu Boutique on "Spit Up" (it has an upside!).

Kailani at the Pink Diary is the host of the carnival, and I just checked out her site. Pregnancy Q&A just cracked me up and made me mostly glad that I don't have any more pregnancies planned.

This blog universe sure is big. I'm not sure that I can keep up with all of it.

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Shelledpeas said...

Love friday's Playdate. Hilarious! She's forever on my favorites. You too my friend ~ have a great day.