Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Things I Want to Remember

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Kyle turned two on May 27. We celebrated when we were camping with my in-laws over Memorial Day weekend. I have wanted to blog in honor of that, but I've delayed because I haven't dowloaded my pictures. So, I finally wrote, and I finally uploaded my pics.
  • Kyle is funny! He does a great Cookie Monster imitation, he will give the wrong answer on purpose to see us "cry" ("Can Mommy have a kiss?" "Noooo."); he slams around the room running into things to get a laugh. When he was about 8 monhts old, if his food was a little warm, he made a "hot face" (his fingers spread out, mouth in an "O," and shaking). He realized that got a reaction, so he made the hot face any time something was even barely warm.
  • He's our prayer police. He caught on quickly to our family ritual of saying the blessing before meals. Sometimes he and Amanda get started eating a little before we do, but when Terry and I sit down, he clasps his hands together and says, "Pray?" I don't usually eat lunch the same time he does, but when I did recently sit down to eat with him, he again knew that it was time to "Pray?"
  • He likes letters and numbers. He will notice a letter and shout, "E!" He's right 1/26th of the time. Letters confuse him a bit more. He knows that there's something to them, so sometimes he says, "A, 2, B," trying to number them off. Actually, he can sort of count to five, and he does know that all five fingers is "Five!"
  • He's a great little sleeper. I rarely get protests at naptime or bedtime. He just lays down with his blanket and goes to sleep. One time when he was protesting, I gave him a board book, so he now asks for them if the aren't in there, "Apple? Puppy?" for Ten Apples Up on Top and Puppy's Day at Play. He doesn't read them before bed, but will hold them like a stuffed animal.
  • He's a hugger. For no reason at all, he'll come up and press his head to mine, "Hug? Mommy?" and then he usually makes the rounds to anyone else in the room. "Daddy, hug?" "Dada, hug?"
  • He repeats the last word of anything that we say to him. "Do you want to eat?" "Eat?" "Are you ready to go to church?" "Church?" "Daddy's coming home." "Home? Daddy?"
  • He's very verbal, but we can't understand everything, so he will say something, and we try our best guess at it. Kyle: "side." Us: "You want to go outside?" "side." "Outside, yes?" "Yes." If "side" really means something else, he still repeats outside, confusing us, but when we say "Outside, yes?" He will answer, "Noooo."
  • His "no" (which we do hear a lot), is not a bratty NO!, but a very sweet informative nooooo.
  • He already does not like the confines of his stroller. He will put his feet down, stretch around to try to see what's in the basket behind him, and want "down!" When I stop the car to get him out, he will grab my hand and say, "hand, hand" to indicate his preference for holding hands over riding in the stroller or a shopping cart. Unfortunately, he doesn't usually get his wish, because he is only a good hand holder if you are going exactly where he wants to go.
  • A recent cute story: Kyle learned the "I'll get it," and repeated it early on--when the phone rang, when he dropped something, but could reach it again etc. So, Sunday night we went to Wendy's before church, and he was asking, "French fry?" and Terry was giving them to him. Terry and I must have been talking and so when he asked, "French fry?" and one didn't immediately appear, he said, "I'll get it," and reached around the carton that had meant to sort of obscure his view, and grabbed his own. He was fairly pleased with that, and continued, "French fry--I'll get it."

These are just those little snapshots of things that don't get captured by the camera, but that I want to remember. I know that there are already things that I've forgotten about his first two years, but I know that I will recall things that are important over the years.


Code Yellow Mom said...

What a sweet post! These little toddler years pass so quickly...it's so great that you documented your favorite memories of the time. Kyle will love to know about these things when he is older!

Thanks for stopping by my blog today!

Dianne said...

That is so sweet. I have 4 nephews and they never fail to amuse me with their antics. My sister has been telling me how bossy #4 is (2 yr. old). The other day he wanted something and she told him she didn't have anymore. He told her "Buy it!" They learn so quickly.

Thanks for sharing . . .

Katrina said...

Jennifer, Kyle is so adorable - I love the pictures! And thank you for sharing all those special things about him. I feel like I know him (although I already consider him an honorary nephew, of course).