Friday, June 30, 2006


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We are trying to grow some corn, tomatoes, and green beans. The tomatoes aren't looking so great, but everything else looks quite promising. I noticed a couple of days ago that there were quite a few weeds in the corn. There must have been grass mixed in with the peat that my husband enriched the soil with. At any rate, after having warm, but not too hot, weather and lots of rain these last few days, the weeds are now taking over. I decided to tackle them.

I do not like weeding. Remember, I am not Amish, nor do I possess their enviable work ethic.

The weeds were coming out easily, but I was quickly overwhelmed. I wanted to quit, but I guess the idea behind weeding is that I have to get rid of the weeds so that they don't steal the water and sun that the plants need to produce good fruit.

While I was working, I was thinking about how I let little weeds come into my life. I don't get rid of them right away, so they crowd in, leeching from the fruit producing that God is trying to work within me. Too much time on the phone or watching TV, at the expense of my kids and my housework. Too much time on the computer (well, I don't want to step on any toes here, so I'll move on). Entertainment choices that aren't that bad (but are they any good?). Unkind thoughts and words.

There were a lot of weeds. Seriously, I just couldn't do it. So, I decided to just get the hoe and uproot all of them together. Yes, I did damage one corn plant and one tomato plant, but the weeds had done so much damage that I had to completely overturn the earth to get them all out effectively.

I've honestly found that is the best way for me to deal with the weeds in my life as well. I don't do well with moderation (lack of self-control, I guess). I do much better with complete elimination. If I just don't turn the TV on at all during the day, I use my time more effectively. But if I happen to flip it on "just to catch. . . " then it stays on and many hours are wasted.

I need to listen to God's voice when I hear Him telling me what weeds need to be overturned so that the fruit He's working in me will be that much sweeter. Is there anything that needs to go in your life?


Katrina said...

Okay, I just know that you were directing that "too much time on the computer" comment at me, weren't you? :) Just kidding.

I don't like weeding either (in gardens) and I have plenty of weeds to pull in my heart as well. Being selfish with my time, being reluctant to serve others...and yes, too much time on the computer!

Good post!

Sherry said...


Thanks for coming by my blog and for the encouraging and insightful comments. I thought you might want to know that I can't read most of your entries. In my browser (Safari) the brown background obscures the content to such an extent that I can't make out the words. Which is a shame because I enjoyed your Thursday Thirteen on the bright orange background.

My greetings to a displaced Texan, but you've gotta get out of that Aggie cult.

Dianne said...

Jennifer, I have scads of little pieces I've written about "Lessons from my Garden." This post reminded me of them. Yep - weeds are a kicker. The thing is - you're never really done. Guess that's true with the weeds in our lives also.

Katherine@Raising Five said...

Weeds are no fun. Sometimes I like the "wheat and the tares" parable method Jesus told - some of them just have grow together until harvest time. At that point, we'll be able to figure out what's food or not!

Your point is well made about time, though. I'm having to learn how to set boundaries with everything - what's useful and what's not. Not easy.

Queen Beth said...

That was great and it spoke to my heart. I think I see some weeds in my life too! Thanks!

Here via Blogging Chicks!

JenLo said...

I think balance is the hardest part of life. I'm like you--it's all or nothing. I'm trying to learn to give a little and have moderation, but with the weeds, I agree-just plow 'em out. I'm here from the BChicks Carnival.

CyberCelt said...

What do you do about those pesky weeds that lay in wait?

Polly said...

I hate weeds too, but I spray the little devils with weed killer where I can. Great post!

Malissa said...

good thoughts!

Found you from the blogging chicks

Tess said...

from the blogging chicks... thank you for such an illustrative post!

Tracey said...

Found you on Blogging chicks.

I'm also a gardener. I grew corn one year, but haven't since. Now tomatoes, the plants are lookin' fine.

The weed analogy holds. I think G-d speaks to me out in the garden more than any place else.