Monday, July 10, 2006


I can't decide what is filling my head more this summer--reading books or blogging. I guess I will combine them both here. By the way, did you notice my new sidebar headings? I have "What I'm Reading," and "What I'm Cooking," and I will try to keep them updated.

Joshua at Quieted Waters, asked some questions on his blog, and I'm going to answer them here. Incidentally, I first linked over to him because of his great quote on Blest with Sons' site:
"That’s one reason why blogging and journaling are such rewarding ventures. They give you snapshots of your past, and yet, surprisingly often, those snapshots catch you completely off guard."
I've sort of doubted my blog name recently, but that reenforces that this is exactly what I want to capture here.

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Now--on to books and his questions:

What book(s) sparked your interest in reading? Meaning, what books first took reading from being a forced activity to being an enjoyable pastime for you?

I don't think that books were ever forced for me. I have always been an avid reader. Books I enjoyed growing up were
  • the Trixie Belden series
  • the Little House series
  • anything long (Because I was a pretty fast reader, if someone took me to the bookstore to buy a book, I would pick out a nice fat one so it would last longer.)
Which three books have most changed your life (in a practical, tangible way)?

The Better Homes and Gardens New Cookbook
A Woman After God's Own Heart by Elizabeth George
Ordinary Mom, Extraordinary God by Mary Demuth

Which three books (outside of the Bible) have most shaped your thoughts on God?

I have to say that Bible study, reading and studying God's word on my own, that have enlightened me most about who He is. But here are some Bible studies that I have really enjoyed:
  • Bible Study Fellowship -- I have done all seven studies, which has covered almost all of the Bible.
  • Cynthia Heald's Becoming a Woman of Excellence
  • My Utmost for His Highest by Oswald Chambers

Which book(s), if any, have you intentionally read more than once?
  • The Mitford Series by Jan Karon--I reread all of these when a new one comes out.
  • Stepping Heavenward by Elizabeth Prentiss (I'm about to start it for my second time after just a year)
  • I am up to reread any fiction book that I enjoyed if it's been a while. I've also been wanting to reread some Elizabeth George, because I feel like her writing has really descipled me as a wife and mother.
Which three books would you recommend to a brand new Christian?
  • A Place of Quiet Rest by Nancy Leigh Demoss was a great book and teaches the importance of studying the Bible, so I'd say that would be a good one.
  • Again--I go back to the Bible. I don't know of any other books that cover the basics right off hand.
  • I would also say that you should find a book related to how to fulfill your current roles in keeping with your new Christian faith. For example, books on motherhood, being a good husband or wife, or integrity in the workplace, or living as a single person. Ask another Christian in this same role what books were helpful to them.

Which three books do you plan to have your kids read? (Or - "Which three books were most exciting to read to your kids / to have your kids read?" - for those of you who already have children)

I love this question. I recently wrote about what a great way reading is to connect with your kids in Family Book Club.
  • Mandy by Julie Edwards was a magical wonderful book for me when I was in school. I still remember details from it. So my 7 year old daughter and I just read it together. She loved it.
  • We've also read a couple of the Little House books together.
  • She enjoyed the Foot Book by Dr. Seuss, as does my 2 year old son, and my mom said it was one of my favorites, too.
  • Soon I would like for her to read the Wrinkle in Time series, which I also remembered as being mesmorizing.
I didn't link to all of these books, but if you want to check them out for yourself and see what others have to say about them as well, click over to

I love a good "chat" on books, and good book recommendations, so if you do this on your own site, you can link here. That way we'll have a nice compilation of others who participated and a great list of books.


Joshua Lake said...

Thanks, Jennifer! Your list included a good number of books I hadn't heard of, and it's always fun to learn about new books.

I would definitely second your mention of My Utmost for His Highest. Each of those short entries is powerful in its own right.

Dianne said...

Good list Jennifer. I thoroughly enjoyed finding another Mitford fan out there!

blestwithsons said...

Ahhh Mitford. I wonder if it's time for the annual re-read again..

Katrina said...

Guess I'm the odd girl out here - I'm not a Mitford fan. But please don't hold it against me! :) I answered these on my blog, too.

Jennifer said...

Yes, Katrina, I've forgiven you for that. . . . I'll go check out your other picks.

lady laura said...

Your post reminded me that the Wrinkle in Time books were favorite read-alouds when my son was little!

Oh, and I found you by way of blestwithsons. I also answered these bookish things on my blog.

Joy said...

OOHH, I want to join in...if I do it tomorrow, will it be too late? I'm out of time for today, but LOVE books, so I'll join in first thing tomorrow,ok?!

Jennifer said...

Never never too late. Even if someone wants to come over and post their link after you do yours. We can never have too much book chat.

Michelle- This One's For The Girls said...

I think I'll do this little meme when I get a minute.

I re-read the Mitford books everytime a new comes out too. Fun, isn't it? I always feel like I've gone home to visit family.

Wendy said...

I just did this on my site, although I didn't always do the 3 book thing.

Beck said...

I'm rereading the Mitford books this summer! I was the same way about books as a kid, although I was more of a Bobbssey Twins fan. Great list!

Big Mama said...

I adored the book Mandy when I was younger. I bet I read it ten times, it was just so magical!

Jennifer said...

Hi Jennifer, I did something like this at my blog after visiting Rocks in my dryer- I saw your link there...and so, here I am visiting you. I loved Utmost for His Highest (I lent it to someone and now it is gone, sigh..) and I re-read Elisabeth Prentiss' book every year or so.

Jenny in Ca
(another Jennifer)

Barb said...

By the time I found the meme, at Rocks In My Dryer, it had changed a little. Thoroughly enjoyed participating and it's even more fun to see the lists of all the other participants. Saves me a lot of time in Borders! Or at Amazon. Or at my local used book store. Or any of the endless places I find books!

Kathleen Marie said...

My girls loved the Mandy books. Also, a lot of George MacDonald's children's books such as the story of Christmas Little. They have wonderful morals and messages. Thanks for sharing.