Monday, July 31, 2006

Paula Deen Review and Giveaway

I loved the idea of giving away a book or something like Lady Laura and Lindsey and Mary did. Especially since I even received a free book from Mary, I sort of want to pay it forward.

I have here in my hot little hands, the July/August Cooking with Paula Deen magazine. It is still all new and shiny, and I would love to send it to someone (in the U.S., I think). If you are interested, please leave me a comment. Make sure that your email address is either formatted to be read when you leave comments, leave me your email, or I can even contact you on your blog. I will do a drawing on Friday (cut off at noon EDT) and send it out if you are the lucky winner.

I received an offer in the mail for a free copy of this magazine, and a continued subscription if I didn't cancel. I think that I will cancel, mostly because it's $19.98 for 6 issues, and that is steep for me. I love cookbooks and cooking magazines and cooking websites and shows. I'm already receiving Everyday Food (which I got cheap on ebay), and I check out several cookbooks a month from the library, so I think that I don't really need another cooking magazine.

After flipping through it, it does have a lot of recipes--great Paula Deen recipes (I use many of her show recipes, and love them, and conveniently save them online at in my own personal recipe box). They seem easy to follow and tasty. She also has many other features, that look like they are regulars--some Southerner profiles, decorating articles, and pics and recipes from her cute sons.

Speaking of her sons, I just watched Road Tasted on Sunday, and it was okay. What I liked better was Bobby Flay's Throwdown which came on right before or after that. Seeing all these "new" shows reminded me that blogging really has taken over from idle TV watching, which is okay.

So, if you want a chance at the magazine, leave me a comment here.


Susanne said...

Sigh. I've been on Foodnetwork withdrawl as our dish has been down for a month now. But I think I'll have it back this weekend. Yay! I'm from Canada so I won't put a contact info down. Good luck everyone else! (Did you know Boomama and Addie (Little Women) and a couple others met at Paula Deen's resteraunt a couple weeks ago?

Laurel Wreath said...

Yippeee, I will toss my hat in the ring. I was in Savannah early part of the summer, I did not get a chance to eat at her resturant (the line was around the building, and an unpatient husband did not mix).

But I heard a lot of great things about her resturant.


Dianne said...

Excuse me . . . did you say "Free"? I'm all about free! Not too familiar with Paula Deen but her stuff sounds interesting.

What a nice thing to do!

Robin said...

I'm "off" tv for the most part, but caught Paula Deen while on vacation--how can you not LOVE her? She has a love affair with food and she makes me hungry even if I'm watching on a full stomach. I saw her magazine in Barnes & Noble (not sure if it's the same issue you have) and I salivated over it. I didn't get it then, and when we've gone back to B&N, they don't have it anymore (not sure if a a new one is out, haven't been there since last week). Anyway, throwing my "hat" into the ring, too...feeling lucky :D???

Lindsey @ Enjoythejourney said...

Whahooo! Throw my name in the ring!

(shhh! if you make sure I win, I'll make sure you win next time on my blog LOL LOL LOL Kidding, um, well sorta....shhhh!)

Jennifer said...

I am so lame because I am just now drawing the winner, because I know that I had no plans to get to the post office with company and then vacation.

The winner is----Dianne!