Saturday, July 29, 2006

Summer Recipes

Tonight we are going to a nice grill out, or pig out, as it was named, with grown up friends. I made Amy's Potato Salad. The recipe called for "as much garlic as you can handle." I am pretty sure that she really didn't mean as much garlic as I could handle, because I can handle a lot. I think I ended up adding four fat cloves, and I used over four pounds of potatoes. Also, I added all the dressing while the potatoes were still warm. She didn't specify that, but I have made a similar recipe this way. I liked this recipe a lot.

I also made up a nice corn and tomato combination. I got some fresh corn (from the store) and some farmer's market tomatoes. I cut the corn off three ears and microwaved the kernels to get the raw off for about one minute (**see below for some ramblings about raw corn). Then I just diced the two large tomatoes and mixed the two together with some salt. I don't even usually remove the seeds. The Color Code taught me that the seeds have a lot of the nutrients, and once they are gone, there isn't much tomato left sometimes.

My garden has produced more weeds that have gone untended, but we have harvested green beans. I have a few small green tomatoes on my Early Girl plants, and the others are flowering. The jury is still out on the corn. I have over 40 plants out there, and I'm just not sure what's happening. I hope that I am able to harvest at least one ear.

**ramblings about raw corn: I think that my Granny, my maternal Grandmother's mother, called raw corn Jesus corn. Am I delusional or has anyone else ever heard of this? We didn't go to her house in Mississippi often, but at least every other year. I remember playing with doodle bugs in the dirt, and husking corn and shelling black eyed peas on the porch. I'll ask my Mimi about this.

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Code Yellow Mom said...

This salad recipe looks yuuuummmmyyy! I'm all about garlic - love the stuff, so this will be so great to try.

Sorry I can't help with the Jesus corn question. But I do know that the best corn on earth is grown where I grew up in Colorado. Olathe Sweet. If you ever have a chance to taste it, it's heavenly.