Friday, August 25, 2006

Amanda's Stories

Blest started "Take Your Kid to Blog Day" today. I thought it was a great idea, but I was sad that Amanda wasn't going to be here today to play. However, based on what Blest posted and how she described it, I am also going to take this opportunity for a shameless plug of my daughter's outstanding abilities. If you'd like to play, click over to her site, and see what it's all about, then link your post to her site.

Amanda likes to write. I think that it comes from her love of reading. In fact, I myself remembering wanting to be able to write something as good as what I was reading. I remember writing a Little House on the Praire type story in the 5th grade in school. So, when I started a story with Amanda this summer, I was quite impressed with her realistic dialogue. I will type it pretty much as she wrote it, misspellings and all.

Chapter 3
The Company

"The company's here!" Mom said. "Oh!" I said. "I know who that is!"
"I don't," said Sam. "Those are my cousins!" "Let us introduce ourselves," said Leo. "My name is Leo and I'm 11. This is--" "I'm Lucy. I'm 10. This is--" "I'm Cassie and I'm 8. This is--" "I'm Rickie. I'm 4, and this is--" "Woof!" "This is Spot, right?"

And from
Chapter 7
Don't Tell!

I went into the room. "I i i warrnnnedd youuuuuu," the voice said, "AHHHHHH!" I screamed. A dim light shone. "W-W-W-Where am--Hey! What are you doing here? Did the ghost get you, too?" "No, silly! Ha ha," said Tyler. "You and your friend fell for it," said Rick. "You mean--" I asked. "Yes, the "ghost" is us."


Katrina said...

Excellent writing! Amanda is very talented!

Bethany said...

Too cute! My daughter aspires to be a writer one day as well. (Well, technically she is a writer now...she just hopes to be a famous one in the future!)

Tammy said...

Jennifer, that is awesome! My seven yr old daughter likes to write stories, too...another chip off the ole block here.

But I have to say...Amanda's got some good dramatics going in the storyline- I bet she'll be a writer when she grows up! :)

Kailani said...

That's great! You may have a future Best Selling Author on your hands!

I think that Take Your Child to Blog Day is a great idea!

Heather said...

This is great! Love the creativity. Very Nancy Drew.