Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Meme of Fives

Jeannine tagged me, and still going along with my friend's theory that a meme is an easy blog post, and since I am still sort of in transition (catching up on email and flying back home today and arriving late tonight), I thought it would be a good chance to share. My daughter will be with her other grandmother on a previously scheduled few days alone with her until the weekend, so I'm hoping for some good thinking/writing/reading time, but until then. . . .

Five things in my freezer:
1. Flav-R-Ice pops
2. boneless, skinless chicken breast
3. frozen peas
4. one of those gel ice packs
5. ice

Five things in my closet:
1. my clothes
2. my husband's clothes
3. random surprises bought for Amanda on the top shelf
4. the iron and ironing board (folded up)
5. too many extra hangers

Five things in my car:
1. CDs
2. Kyle's car seat
3. a bottle of water--half drunk usually and some goldfish or other snack
4. books for Amanda and Kyle
5. trash

Five things in my purse:
1. lipstick
2. Tic-Tacs
3. a notepad (or two), pens, and crayons from Cracker barrel
4. cash money and credit cards
5. trash

Five people I tag:
I will try to widen my meme circle and tag some of my newer commenters instead of just my best blog pals. Again, if you just don't "do" memes, I will not hold it against you or feel personally slighted. . . .
1. Laurel Wreath
2. Mag
3. Heather
4. Tammy
5. Shelled Peas (because she is funny and will come up with some good stuff and it seems like her brain still needs the break that a meme affords)


Katrina said...

Hey - I keep random surprises for Camden on the top shelf of my closet too! :) Enjoyed this little peek into your life!

Robin said...

I haven't seen the book meme...and I've gone all the way back to the last time I KNOW I read Snapshots. If you'd like to take part (I know you're catching up), come over for a visit :).

T. Suzanne Eller said...

Love the look of your site. It's awesome.

Suzanne Eller, author of The Mom I Want to Be

Magnanimity said...

uh oh. I'm it, huh? I knew I was "it". This just confirms it.

:-) I'll work on that...as soon as the spaghetti is done the the white undies are folded (4 days in the dryer now, and the letter is in the mail.) Now...I have a goal. Goals are good.

Feroz said...

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Shelledpeas said...

Thanks my friend

Tammy said...

Thanks for tagging me...it might a few days since it took me this long to get to the novel meme!

And hey...so, I'm not already one of your best blog pals? Waaah!
(Don't mind me...always sensitive at this time of month!) ;)hehe

Jeannine said...

Too many hangers--what a nice problem! We're always running out. Thankfully Vince happened upon a whole bunch of wire hangers in a free box at church so he nabbed them.

Magnanimity said...


(And, your posts are showing up beautifully in bloglines now...thanks!)