Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Read for the Record

Jen Robinson posted this great post about Read for the Record going on tomorrow. I thought I'd pass along the information for anyone who might want to participate by
  • reading along with your child and participating in the record breaking event
  • purchasing a book at Starbucks to benefit Jumpstart (available through Monday)
  • getting involved in an already-planned event in your community
If my Starbucks has the book, I'll probably buy it and read it tomorrow.

Starbucks, a new book, a good cause--you can't go wrong there.

UPDATE, Thursday: We got to Starbucks around 9:30, and there was a sign that they were having a read aloud with treats at 10:00am. Thirty minutes is a long time for Kyle to wait, so we sat and drank some coffee, and then ran to the post office and returned right before it started. They had sold out of the books three times, they said, but we participated in the group read, and Kyle got a chocolate cupcake, so all in all, not bad.


Jen Robinson said...

Thanks for linking, and for passing on the word! Happy reading tomorrow. I've just discovered that an anthology of children's literature that I have contains "The Little Engine", so I'll at least read that.

Tammy said...

Thank, Jennifer. I just went to the site and registered to read the book today. We just happened to find that book in good condition last month at a yard sale and my girls love it!