Friday, September 08, 2006

Birthday Planner

I am posting this as a part of Blest's Take Your Kid to Blog Day, which she hosts every Friday, giving us blog moms a reason to gush and share about our kids. It's fun to let the kids visit the links each week, too.

Amanda has been planning her eighth birthday all summer.
Here are some of her notes, typed just as she wrote them:

Subject: Amarican Girl Pagama party

Geust Ideas:
Natalie ____
Rebecca _____
Sisters Margo and Katie ______

What to do:
Watch movies
Which movies: Felecity, possibly Wizard of Oz movie
1. Play pin the smile on the doll (pin the tail on the donky)
2. Play spin the doll. Spin the doll to get prizes.
3. Make cupcakes shaped like dolls.
4. Put on our pajamas.
5. Start a surprise pillow fight.
6. Decorate cupcakes.
7. Have fashion show.
8. Eat dinner.
9. Eat cupcakes.
10. Play with dolls.
11. Have doll costum contest.
12. Presents.
13. Ballon pop (poping ballons with our bottoms)
14. Freetime

Beside each item there is a detailed time allotment. The planner goes on to include an invitation planner (what cards will look like, styles of letters, and styles of envilops).

This is how the finished invitation came out (except that I cut the bottom off accidentally in my first ever attempt to scan something).

The text reads: Bring your American Girl doll (or you can borrow one). Also bring your pajamas (because my party is a pajama party). It's on Fiday September 8th, and it's at my house (address). Call us at (phone number). Come at 5:30. Ends at 10:00pm.

I couldn't make this stuff up. We are not following the agenda exactly as planned, but I do think that she came up with some good ideas. Some others that we might do are Doll Hide and Seek (they hide the dolls and someone has to find them), and she left out that they are making the doll costumes themselves.


blestwithsons said...

Aw man! Now that takes me back! I used to do stuff like that....

And she makes the party sound like so much fun that I wanna come! And I don't even like dolls! (never did really - probably a sign of my warptitude)

org junkie said...

So cute! Your daughter sounds so much like mine with the list making. Gotta love it. Hope she has a great time. Laura

Bethany said...

How cute! I used to do things like that daughter however, does not. But she's not much like me!

There are some good ideas! Hope the party is a blast!!

Katrina said...

This is fantastic! Amanda is so intelligent and creative. Although my personal favorite activity would have been the "eat cupcakes" part, I have to say that I liked the "start a surprise pillow fight" and "pop balloons with our bottoms"!

Connie said...

That's very clever! So inventive! And happy birthday to her!

Tammy said...

Oh, that is so cute!
My seven year old LOVES American Girl. That might be a good idea for her 8th birthday...definitly in the running!

Your daughter did an excellent job planning!

Code Yellow Mom said...


e-Mom said...

So cute! I wish I was eight again... a special age. She's a very organized little gal... destined for leadership no doubt. *-)

sarah said...

THAT is super precious.

I can *totally* picture her planning out her bday.

I am so glad you blogged this because (1) I get a glimpse of Amanda (and we don't see you guys enough!) and (2) she is going to get a big kick out of reading that post (and seeing her artwork/invitation) when she's older.