Monday, September 11, 2006

Carnival of Family Life

A real-life carnival has so much to offer. A little something for everyone. The same goes for this week's Carnival of Family Life.

First, you have to buy your tickets (money matters):

Mom Advice suggests One Club for Games and Movies.

Why don't you try your hand at something in the arcade (achievement)?

Jack Yoest tell's about one of his wife's recent media appearances in C-SPAN Slug Fest and also brings us a reminder that Training is Never Wasted.

OmegaMom shares how she has lived and learned with Kitchen Disasters.

Hey--you won a prize!

Each week Kailani draws for a prize from all of the carnival submissions. This week Hsein at PlayLibrary wins their choice of chocolate macadamia nuts or Kona coffee. Just go over to Kailani's blog and send her an email letting her know which you'd like.

All of this fun is making me hungry, so let's get a hot dog (solid food).

Principled Discovery makes a Joyous Announcement and looks at the beginning of life.

Holly's Corner gives more than one reason why Being a Parent is a Good Thing.

Robin at Pensieve gives us some wonderful Writing From the Heart.

So, now we can get a treat--some cotton candy (something sweet).

After the Glass Slipper brings us a reflective letter in Dear Daughter.

Pass the Torch tells a reason she's proud of her daughter in His Sister, the Cheerleader.

Everything Under the Moon tells us What She's Become in a beautiful piece about motherhood.

Uh-oh, I've lost a kid! (the crisis of change)

Counselingblog brings us a look at Defining Moments that can make or break any relationship.

Adventures in the 100 Acre Wood did not lose a kid in her Trip to the Grocery Store.

My post examines the difference that one on one time can make in Home--Minus One.

Play Library links to an article warning about Play Becoming Restricted.

Let's see if they can help us over at the Information Booth (informative reads).

Dr. Kavokin at RDoctor medical presents How to quit smoking.

Karen Alonge brings us some helpful information about some of the possible reasons for misbehavior in Safety is Job One.

Let's go see the clowns! (Humor)

Check out a Parental Proposal at Mad Kane's Humor Blog.

Anyone with kids can relate with Blogging Away Debt who Made it Through Her First Day of School.

Baby Bug fills in for Kailani at the Pink Diary with Adventures in Meatloaf.

Natalie brings us When Spam was Spam (and it's not as gross as you think it is).

Rambings. . . . brings us a Guest Post from Little Bear.

That's it, the carnival is closing down. Go home! Actually, stick around and cruise the Snapshot fairgrounds if you'd like, and come back anytime.

The next carnival will be at the Pink Diary on Monday, September 18. Deadline for submission is Sunday at 8pm Hawaii time.


Dianne said...

Hey nice job on this carnival Jennifer!

Pass The Torch said...

You did a beautiful job of organizing this! Well done. Great list again this week. Now I'm off to read!

Home of Pass the Torch Tuesday

Kailani said...

Great job at hosting and organizing the carnival! I'm off to read now! Have a great week!

Robin said...

Wow, Jennifer, I've never seen a carnival organized like this; very imaginative! I'm linking to you now, oops! Slipped my mind to do that earlier. I've had a few comments today and it slowly dawned on me :).

Amy said...

Lovely job, Jennifer!! Thank you so much for including us!

Mad Kane said...

Nice job! Thanks for including me
Mad Kane

Mommy the Maid said...

Thanks for includin me! Very clever carnival. Great entries!!

natalie said...

good job! thanks for including me, too!