Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Gifts From Your Children

Before my sister-in-law had kids, she pointed out that because we had kids, it made gift giving much easier (specifically to the hard-to-buy for grandparents). Yes, between my husband and me, we still have three grandparents living, and it's hard to always come up for options for them.

So, what has worked for me is to plaster my children's faces on something, and call it a gift. One that I particularly like is a one page laminated calendar that you can order very cheaply at any Kinkos. I like to add magnet strips to the back, and it's perfect for the refrigerator. This has been a hit with our parents and grandparents alike.

Another stroke of genius which was very well received is these coasters. Remember that they take time, so you should think of what you might want to order now if you don't want to pay for quick rush service, which I ended up doing this particular year. I liked these, because I could select six different pictures, and they come in a neat little stand (which I do not see listed, so you might call and ask or search for another company), which is perfect for display. Would you not have loved to receive coasters with these cute pictures as my family did in 2004?

I just saw that dotPhoto is offering free shipping all October, and they make all the mugs, T-shirts, etc (even a chocolate photo card!).

Framed portraits are always well-received as well. Generally, you are going to be passing our portraits at your own personal expense anyway, so why not give them as a Christmas, Mother's Day or Father's Day gift instead? Something requiring much more coordination, especially if your family is spread across the miles, is a "cousin picture." Try to get all the cousins of one particular side together for a picture. This picture was a delight to everyone who received it for Mother's Day. Hmmm, we might need to try to make another appointment at Thanksgiving. . . . This idea is of course not new or original. This picture was taken in 1973: me, sister in the middle, cousin on the right.

What about you? What sweet memoirs of childhood have you given or received as a priceless gift? What unique, original or fun photo gifts do you enjoy?

What is the Gift Idea Exchange? See the post here for the info and other gift ideas.


Katrina said...

Along similar lines, one thing we're planning to do this year for grandparents is to use PhotoStamps for Christmas gifts. Yes, they're a little pricey, and yes, they're "consumable." But you know how grandparents love showing off their grandkids! So I'm thinking a sheet of stamps featuring Camden and Logan will be a big hit.

Susanne said...

We've gotten Grandma the picture sweatshirt and Dad the tie with the kids pictures all over it! That was sorta cool and a conversation starter wherever he went!

Wendy said...

I love pictures and have done similar things. I'll have to try the magnets though. I think they would love that. Thanks for sharing!

Tammy said...

This is so cute...:) Love the ideas.

But Katrina stole mine...last year, I discovered the putting pictures on postage stamps thing and gave a set of with a pose taken of my mom with my girls to my mom, and she was so surprised and delighted. The stamps cost about double what a regular postage stamp would cost, but make a great present!

We've also made Christmas ornaments and put a picture inside!

Barb said...

Photos make wonderful gifts. I especially like the magnet idea. I'm big on photos. I have them everywhere. I'm more on the receiving end now that my children are grown. But receiving them is pretty darn special, too.

Overwhelmed! said...

We've given many photo gifts and you're right, the grandparents LOVE it! We're currently working on a photo calendar from We've also done a picture t-shirt.

Great idea!

Thanks for your comment on my WFMW No Fear Shakespeare post! I do appreciate it!