Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Great Gifts for Cooks

I went to Costco last week. Oh, it's such a wonderfully dangerous place for me, especially at Christmas (which in retail world is apparently now October 1), when they have all of their gift items out, so their book and toy departments are just overstocked with wonderful bargain-priced items that are hard to resist. I came across these two items that I just had to share and which might be finding a place under my tree for a special someone.

The first book I happened upon (and yes, purchased) was Taste of Home Cookbook. If you are not familiar with the Reiman Publication magazines, they are wonderful. Each issue is jam-packed with photos and practical recipes, and no ads. In fact, I have given subscriptions to these magazines to many. This cookbook is a compiliation of their best and most requested magazines. Any home cook would love this. But what I could not pass up, is that for slightly less than $17 at Costco (I think), I got not only this great spiral bound, thick, photo packed cookbook, but also a year's subscription to Taste of Home, which usually costs that much alone! The good news for all of you non-Costco afficianados is that the amazon link above offers almost the same deal--at $17.97. It doesn't mention the free subscription, but I would assume that it's in there, because the way this was packaged is shrink wrapped with the subscription card inside, so this is a two for one deal (or as I think will happen in my case, one gift, and one bonus for ME!).

The other temptation for me (which I didn't buy, but I'm thinking that I will when I return), is Rachael Ray's Classic 30 Minute Meals. I am not the biggest of her fans, but I do enjoy her fun and simple approach to cooking and she's very popular with many. This cookbook looks like something I would like to own, and something that I know my sister-in-law would enjoy (don't look, Dana). What's odd, is that when I tried to link to it at amazon, it is in pre-order status, for a great price of $13.57, but I saw it on the shelves (or table as it were) at Costco, for the amazing price of $11, I believe.

Good books, made even better by the incredible prices.

I love to cook (and actually more than cooking, I love to read about cooking--cookbooks, recipes, etc). Magazines are a great gift, as well. They last all year long! My new favorite cooking magazine is Everyday Food. A search on ebay turned up these results, for as little as $9 for year (half price). I have ordered many magazines this way and have not yet been disappointed.

Other gift categories are listed here.

What other gifts have you given for those who love to cook (or hate it, but appreciate the helpful gifts, since they have to do it anyway)? If you love to cook, what sorts of things are on your gift list?

Will you consider participating in the Gift Idea Exchange, so we can all spread our ideas for gifts this Christmas? See all the details here. Cheap, useful and fun gifts always work for me. See other tips for the week over at Rocks in my Dryer (who is making me feel better about getting into Christmas already, because her tip is Christmasy, too).


Lines From The Vine said...

I *Love* the Taste Of Home Magazines....there are no better recipes anywhere!

Thanks for sharing your tip!

Heather said...

Here is a link to my gifts for cooks tip.

I didn't mention but I also watch for old, interesting cookbooks at thrift shops and yard sales. They make great gifts, especially if they are in good condition and are unusual.

Barbara H. said...

I love Taste of Home and some of their spinoffs. A cookbook like that would be good for brides, too.

Beck said...

Rachel Ray makes me pound my head against a wall, but a lot of people are crazy about her - great suggestions! I'm going to go order that TOH cookbook right now. I LOVE those.

Larae said...

Wow, $11 for a Rachael Ray book? I think I already have that one though..but I'm jealous, I wish we had a Costco around here!

Nettie said...

I wish we had a Costco, too!

pamela s said...

I was given TOH cookbook when I got married & use it quite often. My dear m-i-l gave me a subscription for the magazine & I love that too!

kailani said...

I love the Taste of Home Magazine. I didn't know they had a cookbook, too. Love the recipes and the colorful photos!

biologyfool said...

Costco often gets manufactures to add things to their products before they ship it to Costco as a bonus for their members, so it's possible the Amazon one won't contain the free subscription