Saturday, October 21, 2006

It's my birthday, and I'll (_____) if I want to

You see, I can't decide what the (____) should be.

Should I
  • Take Barb up on the opportunity to do the One Word Meme? She said that it's a real boost--the idea is that you ask your readers to pick the one word that describes you best.

  • So, my birthday is Saturday, and I'm post dating this because I am allowing "all of you" the opportunity to read, comment or do whatever you would like over these next few days, since weekends are kind of slow.

    Take your pick--leave me a comment, and "introduce" yourself--especially if you read, but don't often comment (I wonder about all of you who do that and would love to get to know you better by hearing from you in the comments), OR, ask me a question right in the comments or you can email me, OR describe me with one word, OR better yet, do all three.

    So, lurkers, friends, family--this means you. You can comment anonymously (but give me your initials or something), or as "other" with your name there. I don't want to fill in that blank up there with "cry," so pick one of the three options and make my day, since I'm now on the backside of 30, and I might need a little lift. Actually, I anticipate that everything that I said here about being 35 will be just as true in this my 36th year.


aggiejenn said...

Ok, here goes. Two questions:
1)What is something you've learned in your 30s you wish you'd have known in your 20s (I'll be 28 in December)?

2)Why did you start blogging?

Katrina said...

Hi, my name is Katrina and I...wait a minute, you already know me. Okay, on to the next part.

One word to describe you: This is way too hard because I have tons of words (all of them good, don't worry) to describe you. But I'll pick one: Inspiring.

And finally, a question: If you were a children's book, which one would you be?

Monica - books are our friends said...

happy birthday! may you be showered with chocolate that has no affect on your waistline (cause at your age, it's harder to take off, trust me)

I'll answer Lindsey's question: I'm Caps for Sale.

When the peddler pitches a fit cause all the monkeys have his caps, that's so me. Except I don't carry lots of caps on my head. The "monkeys" have stolen my brain. I have four little monkeys.

lrlwreath said...

Question: (I am stealing this from Shalee) What one time as a parent do you wish you had a "do-over"?

comment: You have a tender heart and are one of the sweetest bloggers I have gotten to know. We met over a pair of glasses for you =)

Here is your shamless comment....


Maggie said...

I like you!

Have a Great Birthday!

Susanne said...

~Same question for you as for Laurel: What is your idea, no holds barred, of an ideal date with your hubby?

~One word: honest

Happy Birthday to you! Many Blessings on your special day and all through the year!

Dad said...

I reviewed your "being 35" and I thought your readers might like knowing that although you said
"Thirteen years of growing together in marriage, parenting, love and friendship with the same man
. . . .who will always be one year OLDER than me". (He really looks a lot younger than you and probably always will)
All our love

Rona's Home Page said...

You have a terrific and fun blog. I really enjoyed my visit. Happy Birthday wishes.

Anonymous said...

I'd have to agree with Katrina; the word inspiring certainly seems to fit. Enjoy every minute of your day tomorrow!

org junkie said...

How fun! Have a terrific birthday!!!

My word: Sincere
My question: What type of hairspray do you use?

Best wishes!!

Barb said...

First of all Jennifer, you should fill in that blank in your post title with "laugh" because trust me, you are in your PRIME. The thirties, even the back side, are just wonderful.

So I'll ask you one question. You live in Connecticut. Are you a native or a transplant? Are you a born and bred New Englander?

And in response to your remark about the one word meme I did, my word for you would be


I just sense that about you. I hope you have a truly blessed birthday.

PEZmama said...

Hippo birdie, two ewes.
Hippo birdie, two ewes.
Hippo birdie, dear, Jennifer.
Hippo birdie, two ewes.

Okay, I'd try the "one word to describe you" thing, but I feel like I don't know you very well (the reason for this is that right around the time I found your blog, my blog reading also became very sporadic.) However, I will say that you impress me as a kind person with a positive attitude.

For my question, I'd like to know you have ever been to the Danbury Fair Mall, and if you did, did you ride the carousel? Top or bottom level?

(I grew up in Danbury and that's the place people are most likely to go if they go to Danbury. Just wondering what kind of connections we have.)

You could also tell me your favorite thing about living in Connecticut, (if I am allowed to ask two questions!)

Aidan said...

Happy Birthday, my friend!!! :) Wish we were still together for birthday celebrations! Hope you're having fun with Mimi and family!

One word: loyal

Comment: You're one of the most solid, stable people I know.

Question: If you had to choose one author to read for the rest of your life, who would it be?

Miss you!

e-Mom said...

My bloggy name is "e-Mom."

Your question is: Can you share short a joke that made you laugh out loud... I mean really guffaw?

My word for you: Earnest.

Have a very happy birthday, Jennifer. :~)

Heather said...

Your exactly the same age as my husband (I am only 3 years yonger.) Funny it seems that alot of my fellow bloggers are the same age as he is.

Ayway, not really delurking, you hae seen me around and reading what you write always makes me thik of things that I need to write. We seem to be alike in a lot of ways. In fact, more often than not when you write something it is something I have een thinking about and realize that, "Hey, now I can go do something else because Jenifer already did it. " :)

I do love your blog and do want to wish you a very happy birthday! So lets see, a question... I am going to ask you the same one I asked Laurel Wreath, because it is one of my favorite things to ask people (it's actually 2).

What author has most inspired you in your walk with Christ? What person that you know has been your best mentor?

Now, since you have me here and you couldn't make up your mind, now I can't make up mine, so I am doin all three. You have your comment, your questions, now for a word.

Resourceful. That is the first that pops into my head. Not only becaus eyou lways have the best ideas but also because you love books which are "resources" so you are full of resources in many ways.

All right too much comment, my brain is a bit mushy from all the crazy stuff going on around here, so I better stop now, happy birthday.

Lindsey @ enjoythejourney said...

Jennifer! Happy Birthday!!!!

One word to describe you...Hmm, first thing that comes to mind is:


You're the real deal girlfriend.

Happy 29th birthday (he he he)

God bless you in the year to come!

Rebecca said...

Hi! Funny, it seems as if alot of bloggers have birthdays near mine.

I feel like it's still my birthday, since everything was such a blur ...

Happy birthday -- better late than never!

kailani said...

It's still Saturday in Hawaii so I technically didn't miss your birthday! Hope you had a great one!

Anonymous said...

Happy day after your birthday!!!
One word: Funny
Question: When are you coming to visit me?
Comment: I'm so grateful for your friendship over all the years (even the music pastor t.p.'ing) and I love you!!

Beck said...

Oh, happy birthday to you! Look at this - I took a few days off checking out my regular blogs, and I missed your birthday!
It sounds like it was fun.

Laura said...

Oh no! I missed the party! I'm so sorry - happy belated birthday!!

One word to describe you...I tossed back and forth between "teachable" and "generous" so there's two! :)

Gina said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Sorry, this is late, buy my computer crashed about two weeks ago, just got it back and finally checked my bloglines!