Monday, November 27, 2006

After Thanksgiving Thanks

It occurred to me on our drive home last night, that without some modern conveniences, seven hour driving trips to see family would be a lot less pleasant.

  1. Absorbent diapers We usually only make one stop. Without super absorbent disposable diapers, we would not be able to do this with a toddler. As it is, he generally holds up with one mid-trip diaper change. We just went up a size in diapers, but here's a tip if your infant or toddler is at the top of the size, and you are going to be driving or flying (where you certainly don't want to have to disturb them for a diaper change if they are content)--buy either the next size up or the Huggies Overnites in their size. They hold more, so no leaks!
  2. DVD players We do not have a built in DVD player in the car, and I'm pretty sure that I don't want one. However, on a long trip, most of which is taken after dark where other options for entertaining themselves are slim, the DVD player works wonders for making hours pass by effortlessly. I usually do not even bring it out until the midway point (or once it's been dark a little while). If Kyle saw it, he would whine and beg for it to be turned on immediately (which is why I don't want one built in since I don't want the TV on every time we are in the car, and I am weak to resist the begging and whining all the time). I still like a bit of old-fashioned entertainment. I am also thankful for the friends who always loan us theirs, so that we don't have to purchase one of our own.
  3. Cell phones It's so nice to be able to call and alert our hosts when we will be arriving and having that extra measure of safety in the event that something goes wrong.
  4. EZ-Pass This saves precious minutes (or hours, depending) getting through toll plazas and over bridges.
We had a nice visit with my husband's family. The drive going on Wednesday took a little longer, because there was some rain, but we didn't encounter any real backups. Our trip home was about as quick as we've ever made it, so that was a definite blessing. We'll be doing it again in a few weeks at Christmas, although we travel on Saturday morning, and that has always been a breeze these last couple of years, and returning mid-week isn't really a problem either.


Anonymous said...

Ah yes... I always say that it's a good thing I was born when I was. I rely heavily on modern conveniences. :)

Heather said...

I held out on the cell phones for a couple years. I wasn't going to fall for every modern convenience! Now, I don't even have a landline.
I held out on TVO until I couldn't take the whining any longer (my husband's). At my parents house this week, we actually had to watch commercials! Such nonsense!

Big Mama said...

I'm a huge fan of modern conveniences, especially absorbent diapers on a road trip.

Gina said...

We usually travel with a 13 inch TV/VCR combo in the van. But this year in addition to the TV, I got 2 DVD players on sale so the boys in the back seat didn't have to drive 12 hours this Christmas leaning over the side so they could see the tv. We already tried it out for our five ohour Thanksgiving drive and it was great!

Sarah said...

Great to see you! I'm glad your trip was not too grueling. I don't know much about diapers or DVD's, but amen to the cell phone and EZ pass.