Thursday, November 16, 2006

Christmas is Coming


Have you been shopping?

If I took my cue from the retailers, I would indeed realize that not only is Christmas coming, but I should begin the backward count: Only ___ shopping days until Christmas. And it seems that I am being suckered in. At Toys R Us in Times Square, they are already in full Christmas mode, with demos going on all over the store convincing us, "Buy this! This is cool! Only available at this store!"

Here are some of the specials going on right now, but that expire soon (and I am pleading the fifth as to which of these I've taken advantage of):
  1. is kicking off their weekly special deal. Go to their home page and vote each week on which special you want most (I picked the toys and Amazon Prime for $40. If you don't care for any of them, please vote for that one for me!). Then, each Thursday, the great deal is made available until they sell out. They also have a great offer on toys and games that expires today, November 16. It's a great deal, but read the fine print as to what does and does not qualify.
  2. K-B Toys has some great early-bird prices, but only until November 18
  3. Toys R Us also has some excellent prices on some popular holiday items, as well as free shipping on $50 orders online, but only through November 22. I just got an email that also says automatic savings of $30 off any order of $150, also by November 22.
See, I'm on to them. They want me to take advantage of all these "great deals" right now. And indeed I am now very well on my way to being completely finished shopping. Amanda has already received her "big gift" from us a bit early, and yet I still spend over $100 at Target today purchasing
  • stocking stuffers (I really cannot resist their dollar spot area, even though some things are creeping up to the $2.50 price point)
  • two kinds of wrapping paper, because I want to begin using Katrina's idea this week
  • some cute ornaments and garlands for Amanda's tree, which will be bigger this year, because instead of the 18 inch table top tree she has had in years past, she will have the 4 foot Scrooge tree that I bought last year when I decided that we didn't need to have a "real" tree. (I am not feeling Scroogey this year, but I'm not sure what made me feel that way last year. However, it is way cool, with fiberoptic lights and everything, so Amanda is benefiting from that bit of Yule craziness).
  • two of their holiday tees for Amanda (which she will get now, because she needs some clothes, and at "only" $5.00, it was a bargain.
So, now that I've stocked up on "good deals," I think I am going to have to excuse myself from shopping, browsing the web, and taking any more great ideas that they might put on their lists, so that these good deals don't put me in bankruptcy, or at least over my Christmas budget.


Susanne said...

I have to admit, we've already long started, but in my defense I've got a Christmas Day birthday with one of my kids too, so if left till December I would be too stressed. I find it so much more relaxing if most of the shopping is done by December. Then I can enjoy the holiday more. And I shop a lot a Costco and if you see something you like there you basically have to nab it right away or it will be gone the next time you come in never to return. So I'll consider myself in good company with you.

Katrina said...

You are such an enabler! I was just saying that I'm done shopping for both of the boys, but of course, I'm going to go have to check out all the deals, now, "just in case." :)

Kathleen Marie said...

I am just about done shopping. I hit Kohls big clothing sell yesterday and last weekend used my Borders Reward Christmas money plus some. I also hit the craft fair. I sure wish I was more talented but I do crochet and do some things.

Of course, I noticed that some of these "crafts" are bought in bulk from other places and the person just set up a booth. That should not be allowed but whatever...

I voted for your choice. I hope you win!

Anonymous said...
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aggiejenn said...

I voted, but it looks like the X-Box is WAY out in front. Katrina's idea about the wrapping paper is GENIUS! We only have one so far, but I'm definitely keeping that in mind.

I'm a little jealous that you live so close to NYC...I would LOVE to visit there during Christmas.

Anonymous said...
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kailani said...

Thanks for letting us know about those toy store specials! You know how much I love shopping online!