Thursday, November 02, 2006

A Guess and a Giveaway

"It's bring your obscure relative to work day."

Can you name the movie? Can you name the obscure relative?

Not tied to guessing the movie, I also have a little giveaway. I am on the Build a Bear Workshop mailing list, and I received a coupon for $5 off any animal. It expires December 17. Since my daughter has sort of outgrown BAB, I would love to send this to the person who makes the most compelling case for why she should win it.


Gina said...

How funny! I got the build a bear coupon too and thought about giving it away as well!

Anonymous said...

Monsters Inc :)

Jennifer said...

Yea Connie! We watch that movie often here. It's my toddler's favorite, and I find it very clever.

Anonymous said...

We like it too, and although I no longer have toddlers *deep sigh* we do watch it frequently. Thankfully my 6 year old still likes cartoons, because if not, I'd have to buy them for myself!

I'd have to go back and watch it though to see what he called Boo.. My brother's cousin's sister's kid - or something like that! :)

Jennifer said...

And yes, it's something about my cousin's sister's something.

The other part that I get a laugh at every time is "she's out of our hair. . . " (from the part where they are "rehearsing a show."