Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Straight Up

Lisa Samson writes character driven novels. I enjoyed following these characters' journeys--each with their own personal crisis which brought about a time of reflection of self-improvement. Her characters are enlivened by quirks, weaknesses and internal strength.

In Straight Up, we follow cousins Fairly and Georgia along with their Uncle Geoffrey and other supporting characters. This book takes a close look at our gifts. How do we know what we are supposed to be doing with our gifts and talents? How can we best use them? What happens if we neglect them? And what would this world look like if we all supported one another in using our own unique gifts?

I enjoyed this book. The story was well-told and fast-paced. Not a brain-taxingly slow read, but not a mindless beach read either.

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Susanne said...

A lot of people had this on their reading list. I like Lisa Samson books and have it on my extended list for after Christmas.