Sunday, November 19, 2006

Why I Love Thanksgiving

I've always loved Thanksgiving, and possibly even prefer it to Christmas. Why?

They have some things in common, including gatherings of friends and family, and good food, but there are some crucial differences that Thanksgiving is that Christmas just can't be (or most often isn't in our culture). In order to escape this, it has to be a conscious effort.

Read the rest of this post at Lindsey's Advent for Evangelicals blog , where I am guest blogging today.

Do you think that Thanksgiving is a secular holiday? Click on over and read the first Thanksgiving proclamation.

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Anonymous said...

Good post Jennifer. When I taught 7th-8th grades, I was reading The Light & The Glory, by Peter Marshall (and some other guy whose name escapes me right now). If you've never read it, you should. It's an indepth look at the events that formed the heritage of our nation. I loved reading about the first Thanksgiving celebrations - what holy experiences those must have been.