Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Christmas Rambling and a Cookie Tip

I have felt a bit out of the whole Christmas spirit this year. Actually, I've really enjoyed shopping (about 75% online) and feel like I've gotten some great gifts for many people on my list that I think that they will really enjoy. But, the tree fell over after we decorated it, I didn't participate in Boomama's Bloggy Christmas Tour of Homes, and I wasn't quite sure what I was going to do about a Christmas card this year.


I mailed off my Christmas cards last Friday, and sent a Bloggy wish to all of you, and my stress level decreased.

I mailed off the three presents that I had to send physically, and my stress level decreased.

I wrapped all remaining presents yesterday, and my stress level decreased.

Yesterday, Amanda and I baked. It wasn't a stress increaser or decreaser, but it was another thing checked off my list. I made Dianne's Ginger Cookies before Amanda got home, and as I was setting them out to cool, I thought I would share this tip with the WFMW folks (see more tips by clicking the link).

Yes, I do have a couple of those nice big cooling racks, but I learned this trip from my husband, which he learned from his proficiently baking mother: set your cookies out on newspaper to cool. A bonus is that they absorb some of the grease as well.

Simple, but even if you are a proficient baker, it seems that you never have enough cooling racks.

We also made toffee, using a recipe from his great aunt that is much like the one that Big Mama shared, peppermint bark, at Amanda's request, and some peanut butter Rice Krispie clusters, and a few white chocolate dipped pretzel rods.

So, I guess that making Christmas treats makes me officially in the Christmas spirit.


Jane said...

Great idea! I will have to try this. I have the racks too, but hate cleaning one more thing after a busy day of baking! This makes for easier clean up.

Jen Rouse said...

Baking yummy things always makes me feel happy and Christmasy. Thanks for the newspaper tip!

orgjunkie said...

Hi Jennifer, you know I like your ideas for the non-baking things....then I wouldn't have to worry about burning them!!

Larae said...

Awesome idea! I'll have to try this out tonight when I finish up my baking for the season. Thanks for sharing! =) Happy Holidays!

Susanne said...

Those cookies look great! My blog is migrating so I'll have to you wish you a Merry Christmas here I guess.!

Shalee said...

Oh Jennifer, those cookies look wonderful! And I want the pb rice krispie cluster recipe!

L.L. Barkat said...

I think it's the sugar. All those endorphins it brings on, you know? :)

Katrina said...

I never heard of that. Good to know!

H said...

MmmmmM. I'm going to have to compare that recipe to the Ginger Cookie recipe I usually make. I love ginger!