Friday, December 22, 2006

Santa's Coming!

Santa is coming to our house tonight. You see, he is very smart. He knows that we will be gone to Gramm and Grandpa's house for Christmas. He also knows that we like to have our own immediate family celebration on our own, so he has come early, or late, ever since I can remember, since we're always gone on December 25. It only makes sense, because after all, he's kinda busy on Christmas Eve, trying to get to all the other houses.

So, tonight, when my husband gets home from work (which should be early, since no one is really working today), we will go out to dinner, and when we get home, Santa will have taken advantage of us being gone to work his magic. We hit the road first thing in the morning, so we prefer to open our gifts at night. Amanda has been really excited about opening her gifts this year. Kyle has already unwrapped two gifts (but they got wrapped right back up and all the gifts are now under lock and key), but he's looking forward to re-opening the one that he remembers: "Cars movie!"

I like this little video, and since one of our dear friends works for Coca-Cola, I might as well give them some free advertising, eh?

Merry Christmas everyone!


Big Mama said...

Now I'm wondering how Santa works his magic while y'all are all out to dinner.

Have a Merry Christmas, I hope Santa is good to you.

Laura said...

Stopping by to wish you a very merry, blessed Christmas!

Barb said...

This is the exciting part, Jennifer. Have a wonderful Christmas. What a blessing you are to us.

e-Mom said...

Merry Christmas, Jennifer. May His presence be the best present of all! :~)