Friday, January 05, 2007

Do You Detect the Aura of Coolness??

Well, you should, because thanks to my generous husband, who decided along with me a few months ago that we didn't really "need" one, but bought me one for Christmas anyway, I am now sporting this:

In the long history of not being happy with a generous unexpected (but secretly-hoped for gift), I was really hoping for the full-blown ipod that stored video as well, especially as a method of entertaining unruly children, but in the vein of not even knowing what's really best for me, I really love the small size of this one. It's the 4GB version, so it holds a LOT.

Terry was right that neither of us "need" an ipod. He is a runner, and so I had suggested that he could use one running, but he enjoys silence. For those of you who have any doubt, I am not a runner. However, I love listening to talk, and talk radio, and so the podcasts were a feature that I was really looking forward to. So a couple of days ago, I downloaded some podcasts, and have been loving them even more than I thought I would. I can listen to them while fixing dinner or doing laundry, and unlike music, it doesn't block out all other important things that I should be listening to (like the shrieking of a brother being tormented by his sister, or the phone ringing, on which I could complain to the person at the other end of the line about the shrieking).

Now, lest you overestimate my intelligence judging by the fact that I am reading Pulitzer Prize winning novels, I have to admit that I never read the newspaper and rarely watch the news, so I am quite uninformed about the issues. I enjoy listening to NPR because they give some of the stories a human-interest type spin. But I only catch it here and there when I'm in the car (and when there is not shrieking coming from the backseat about wanting to hear children's music). So, the podcasts are cool.

Some of my podcast subscriptions (I don't know how to link to them easily, but go to itunes, then to podcasts/NPR and you can find them, or for an mp3, go to

Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me, which is a humorous news quiz program featuring people like Paula Poundstone and Mo Rocca. I get my news from this program, much as I have also gotten my news from SNL Weekend Update, the Daily Show, and the Colbert Report.

Driveway Moments
are some of the highlighted human-interest type stories of the week.

Pop Culture because I don't read People either.

Are there any podcasts that you can recommend?

**Incidentally, I am truly one of the least cool people that any of you know. Really. And I'm okay with that.


Heather said...

My husband bought me an Ipod shuffle over the summer for our anniversary. Honestly, I don't know how I ever ran or flew (in airplanes, not pixie dust) without it.

laura said...

try rock harbor messages searchable on itunes in the podcast section - it's my old church in california - great stuff!

congrats on your new aura! ;)

lrlwreath said...

Very cool!!!!! I love my Ipod..well that is when my husband does not "borrow it" =))

Beck said...

I love my MP3 player, but it only holds about 15 songs - it's that old! I "need" a new one!

Lindsey @ Enjoythejourney said...

Okay jennifer I'm posting this but delete if you need to LOL

There is a great podcast on itunes about the relationship between a man and a wife, if you get my drift. It is not only HILARIOUS but very, very true indeed. I'll give you the dish if you email me and tell you the name.

We got an ipod for christmas too...I LOVE IT. I had a mp3 player before but it wasn't an ipod and I'm shocked at how much easier an ipod is to use!

Rebecca said...

I have never really considered getting an ipod, although my lovely daughters both want one.

My idea of cool would be to podcast some of my blog material. Do you think anyone would be interested in listening to Christian wardrobe planning podcasts?


org junkie said...

I got an mp3 a long time ago and uploaded it with songs once and haven't used it since because I can't remember how to change the songs...nope not hip here! lol

Cyndi said...

Oh, my GOSH, my husband bought me a Nano last year for our anniversary. I have an 80's playlist for when I get on the treadmill, and it cracks my kids up, LOL.

Cyndi said...

Okay, my oh my GOSH above was meant to convey my enthusiasm... I hit "send" too soon. I can't imagine how I ever got along without it. :)

Mindy Withrow said...

I love my Shuffle for music, and am just now exploring podcasts too. Had to laugh at what you said about where you get your news--The Daily Show is frequently the first place I hear news and, I have to admit, Jon's interviews have tipped me off to more books now on my reading list than from any other single source!

Thanks for your comment on my blog the other day.

Katherine @ Raising Five said...

Oh, you are SO COOL. And busy! Good to catch up with you - have a great day!

Dianne said...

You are cool! I got my husband an MP3 player for Christmas and he loves it. He got me a CD player but we took it back and he wants me to think about getting an MP3 player. Nice to hear how you're using yours.

Granny said...

Another Christmas nano recipient here. LOVING it, especially on this week's five hour car trip alone. I had great music, listened to nearly a whole novel, and the whole book of Genesis!