Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Getting Around a Destination City

I have written a couple of travel info posts (like this one about Portland) and have really been wanting to write about New York City, but I'm having a hard time sorting out the wealth of information. However, here's one tip that I can share with the whole Works-for-me-Wednesday crowd.

Any time we go to New York City, I pull up a central spot on mapquest, like our hotel if we are staying overnight, or in this case, the theater at which we saw Mary Poppins. I use the zoom button to get the map at just the right size to include all of the locations where we will be. I number them at the top, including any additional information, like the time of our reservation at Tony DiNapoli's, and add the number to the map.

Since we mostly walk while in NYC, it's really helpful to just pull this one sheet out and know where I am going. I've never used it on another destination, but I'm thinking that it would also work to print the one page map of a city with our hotel mapped and any other spots to which we would be driving.

I still want to do a piece on Destination: NYC, but it seems so overwhelming. If anyone has any specific questions (or generalized inquires) that you would want to see in a travel piece, let me know. That might help me get started, or make me feel even more aimless in tackling the whole piece. Who knows.

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Kim said...

I use Mapquest quite a bit when we travel and found a way to download to my pda, but I love your idea of printing it and making notes on the sheet. I'll have to try that out next time we travel. Thanks so much for visiting my blog.

Katrina said...

I'm a big Mapquest-user too, for all kinds of things. And your method is very similar to the one I used when we went to DC a couple summers ago. While I have NO internal sense of direction, I'm really good with a map, so I always have some with me when we travel.

As for NYC - you could always break it down into several posts. You could do one about how to go to NYC to see a show, a guide for suburban or country folk on how in the world to get around / travel in a huge city, great eateries in NYC, etc.

Jen said...

NYC is one of the many places on my "dying to visit" list. Any tips at all would be useful for my someday vacation.

I actually may have a chance to visit the D.C. area this spring, so if you have any tips for that area, I'll vote for that for a future Travel post.

Lindsey said...

Great idea, especially if you're visiting a big city!!!

Jennifer said...

Jen--thanks for the suggestion! I actually have family in the DC area, so we go a fair bit. I don't know too much about the touristy ins and outs, but I can definitely put together some information. I'll try to do it sometime in the next month and I'll let you know.

Chris said...

I prefer mapquest over others. I think I am just familiar with it. I like maps and geography, is that weird? My mom and I went to NYC a few years ago when I turned 40 and I absolutly loved every minute of it. And to try and learn where everything is and how the city is laid out in five days was very fun! (for me that is)

L.L. Barkat said...

I'm always looking for a good Italian restaurant in NYC, around the Metropolitan Museum area. A destinations piece on museums would be great!

e-Mom said...

LOL, I just had lunch with a friend who's going to NYC for the first time in April. She was asking what she should see. (We went in the spring of 2001, before the towers were hit, PTL). I'd love to send her to your weblog for some tips. Here's what we saw in three days, and LOVED...

Metropolitan Museum of Art
Guggenheim Museum (Designed by Frank Llyod Wright)
An open bus tour of lower Manhatten
Antique Shopping
Broadway Show (Fosse)
Times Square
Little Italy (SaulAnthony's Restaurant)
Empire State Building at Midnight
Tour of NY Stock Exchange

I wish we'd had the time to see MOMA, Greenwich Village, take a Harbor Tour, and Ellis Island.

That should get you started. I look forward to your post!

Carrie said...

AH! I'm very near Portland. If you are ever vising friends in Ptl -- do let me know!