Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Six Weird Things About Me

Katrina tagged me for this meme, and I was really glad, because I was thinking that I really wish I had a quick easy post that I could get up today. Whenever I read other people's answers to this type of thing, they seem so clever, so I don't want to fail. . . . That leads to number one:

  1. I'm a pretty competitive gal, but I don't cheat. See, I don't just like to win, I like to earn the win. In fact, I'm a pretty no-fun stickler for the rules in many cases, just ask my husband.
  2. I've only kissed a handful of guys in my life. I started dating my husband when I was twenty, and I had two serious boyfriends before that, so I just didn't really date around.
  3. I've totalled a couple of cars and scraped, scratched and dinged many more. Lest you feel unsafe if ever you have the opportunity to ride with me, I would say that most of my priors occured between the ages of 16 - 25. I've been relatively safe the last ten years (except for recently when I crashed into a mailbox and took off my side mirror and then a couple of months later, crashed into the side of the house when I overshot the garage--denting both the car bumper and the garage).
  4. I've never ever seen Home Alone (the movie). This kind of became a private joke with my husband, because when it was in its heyday, we thought we were the only ones, and then it hit the TV with a vengeance, and we had to actively avoid it.
  5. I have never really cared what people think about me. Even in high school, there were people who rubbed me the wrong way because I thought that they had a "cool complex." Like, they wanted to be cool. Aren't you supposed to want to be cool in high school? Perhaps everything about me is weird, but because I don't care, I think I'm normal.
  6. To finalize things how about a list of things that probably are weird to which I have never given a second thought? I've never colored or highlighted my hair, I wore a headgear in 6th grade (and I don't even think I cared about that), I talk to myself, I answer myself, I have big feet (size 9 or 9 1/2), I've never had a pedicure and only had a manicure once (for my wedding), I admitted in my last post to singing and dancing at home, but I have an unnatural aversion to dancing in general. I've just never really liked it. A little bit of two-stepping in my high school and college years was acceptable, but not much beyond that.
I'm supposed to tag six people, so here it goes. If you've already done it, or just don't want to do it, no problem. However, if you want to take the plunge, go ahead:
Lindsey, Big Mama, Laura, because sometimes a new mom appreciates the ease of a tag, Laurel, Heather (who embraces her uniqueness), and how about if DAD does it in the comments, because he's not at all shy, or weird, but he'll come up with something.


Heather said...

Yay! I'll have mine up either tomorrow or Friday.
I talk to myself, too. And, yes, I answer myself. And I sing and dance at home. Really, anywhere, people or no people.

Susanne said...

How fun. I'm competitive too, in the non cheat way. And I am so rules oriented, it fizzles down to my whole life. I really have to work at being flexible.

The car thing, scarey Jennifer! 8v0

Home Alone, I'll leave it too!

Katrina said...

I'm glad you did this one! And I'm glad I could oblige you by sending a tag your way. :)

I share a bunch of your "weirdnesses." I'm like you in being competitive - but needing to earn the win. And I've never had my hair highlighted...and I talk to (and answer) myself...

Thanks for sharing your quirks!

dad said...

OK. I was tagged, so here goes.
Totally random thoughts
1) I am very outgoing, but I like to choose who I am spending time with and especially how much time. For instance, I really like a lot of Susan's extended family, but she knows that about a day and a half is all I can take at one visit. Also, we are going on a 14 day cruise and people keep asking, "Who is going with you?". Well, Susan is (I don't say I never even thought of inviting anyone else because I don't want to).
2) Along the same lines, I really don't enjoy anyone's company like I do Susan's. All our RV trips so far have been alone. Our big fifth wheel trailer only sleeps 4 (by design) and 2 of those may not be real comfortable.
3) I am vain - watch my weight, try to dress nicely and look into the mirror as I pass, but I really don't care too much if people like me. I know I am interesting and if someone can't see that, it is their loss.
4) I was very mature at 22, but it took me well into my forties to feel so. Now I try not to be too serious. My grandkids say, "Pops, you are funny" (really meaning you are funny in a very weird way).
5) I tend to put a lot of thought into the car I am buying and then keep it forever ( 12 years and 180,000 miles on an MR2).
6) Small things: Also big feet (size 11), really talk to myself when answering others (just mutter that part), only wreck I ever had that was even partly my fault was when I was 13 (almost 14) and driving my friend's parents car so he could make out with his girl in the back seat. Oh, got driver's license at 14. Just realized that was 50 years ago (feel much younger).

janiswrites said...

I enjoyed reading your weird things about yourself. #3 spoke to me, too, because I had that problem as well. I hit the fence once time and scraped the side of the car, hit the side of the garage, and hit a parked car one time because it was parked behind me. I drive much better now, though. Have a good day!

Rebecca said...

I so wish I didn't care about the opinions of others. But I'm only a little bit jealous, because really -- I like you and I'm happy for you.

You can just pray for me!

And congratulations, I hear you won a drawing.

Lindsey @ Enjoythejourney said...

Hey, you're not THAT weird :)

Mine is up. Gave me something to talk about today! :)

org junkie said...

Oh how I wish I didn't care about what others thought...this has always been a problem for me. I admire that in you.


L.L. Barkat said...

About the car... tell me more... are you a very social person, always looking at people more than what you are doing? I ask, because my youngest is always "distracted" by a million things, especially people... and I've often thought she'd be the "type" to get in a car accident (guess we'll have to steer her towards a safe car!)

Jennifer said...

Yes, the car thing is scary, Susanne. I am much safer now.

LL--I think that I was careless (not reckless, but just inattentive) when I was younger. I think that I was almost always alone, so I wasn't distracted by people in the car. My two recent little issues were because I was in a hurry, I think, so maybe I am a little reckless too. . . .

L.L. Barkat said...

Thanks for following up on my question. Now... how did you "spin" the recent car accident to hubby? :)

Jennifer said...

LOL, LL. I can't really spin him anymore. It's been too long. I just get it out and tell the truth, and the repercussions aren't usually as bad as my fears.

Laura said...

I finally participated!!