Friday, January 26, 2007

A Two-Cup Morning

From the moment that the whine of the burr grinder stops and the rich smell of the brew fills the air, coffee takes me somewhere. I'm not a complete coffee junkie, but I do love coffee--fresh whole bean coffee, strong and full-bodied, lightened with some half and half.

But that first cup of coffee isn't just about the rich aroma, the creaminess of the half and half, the warmth, the caffeine. For me, it's about the quiet. The moment. I can enjoy a cup of coffee as I begin my day reading my Bible, answering email, checking my blogs. Some mornings I'm lucky to get through half a cup and a quick devotional reading before getting distracted with the morning routine which leaves me with tasks unfinished and a cold cup of coffee. Other mornings I wake early, or the kids sleep late, or time stands still, and I am able to linger over two full cups of coffee. A few days this week have been those glorious two-cup mornings.

I think more than I love coffee itself, I love what coffee becomes as I enjoy it:

It's the peace of being the only one awake in the house.

The perfect afternoon pick-me-up on a cold winter's day, paired with a book or a chick flick.

Coffee is the nightcap after a fun evening with friends or family.

It's the completion of a great restaurant meal, accompanying dessert or on its own.

It can be an escape: a special sugared and frothed treat in a coffeehouse with a girlfriend, bringing with it laughter and fun or serious open-hearted sharing.

It's an invitation. Coffee isn't always just coffee.

What is coffee to you?


Dianne said...

This is sweet, Jennifer. And yes, coffee is all that and more. When my husband and I started dating, one of the first things we did was go out for coffee. And so I love song "It Started Over Coffee" (from "The Mirror has Two Face"). Of course now he'll rarely drink the stuff, and I have to remind myself - it wasn't the coffee, it was the heart-to-heart chats, and we can have that anytime. (I still love my coffee though, for all the reasons you listed!)

Lori said...

Coffee is everything to me you wrote with such expression in your post. I LOVE coffee and friends who love coffee. In fact, this morning was only a one-cupper for me, and I'm thinking that as soon as I get my boy to school, I'm going to need another!

Katrina said...

While I do consider myself a coffee junkie, coffee does hold lots of emotional meaning for me as well. I usually enjoy my first cup when Logan goes down for a nap, so coffee means a moment of quiet, a spot of peace. It can also mean indulgence (in a Peppermint Mocha from Starbucks, for instance), a morning bagel with a friend, the beginning of "game time" when we have friends over for dinner and games. It is comfort, soothing, and warmth. And quite often it's what gets me through my morning when I got up way too early. :)

Great post.

Rebecca said...

A cheap date (and I mean that in the nicest possible way). Actually, coffee is invariably connected with social, isn't it? Meet a friend for coffee, read email with coffee, meet the Lord with coffee.

I drink mine strong, with half and half and raw honey (milk and honey). Definitely adds richness to life!

lrlwreath said...

a warm hug in the morning that I can not do without.

Jane said...

i can relate so much to this post and I especially love your last sentence, it just sums it up so well - "coffee isn't always just coffee."

Chris said...

I don't drink much coffee, but tea brings so much of the same for me. I love it most though when enjoyed with a good friend.

Kim said...

I'm not much of a coffee drinker, but tea has that affect for me. I can conquer the world with the prospect of a hot cup of tea. I love you blog design. Susie did a great job.

Kim said...

I laughed when I got your comment about the baskets. I sold a bunch of mine on ebay last year, and my friends thought I had lost my mind. I still have plenty left from my working days and great parties. Now, the ones from K-mart or Dollar General serve the same purpose!

Rachel Anne said...

I love waking up to the smell of coffee brewing (auto-timer heaven). Often my husband brings me that first cup before I'm out of bed. He always adds too much cream, but I don't have the heart to tell him. He's not a coffee drinker, can't understand the love I have for it, but is willing to go beyond what he can understand to show his love for me. Awww. BTW, I'm a coffee cheapskate and won't spring for Starbucks unless I feel incredibly reckless.

Anonymous said...

I feel the very same way about coffee (except that I probably am a coffee junkie), it is such the expereience!! Wish we could enjoy a cup TOGETHER!!

MUISTO said...

Lovely post, thanks. Sometimes I have to cut down my "over all" coffee drinking, to come back to the basic experience of combining coffee with "time for me".

At the office its mostly a quick coffee to stay more alert, but I think this is the wrong use and doesn't help much either.

I wish you a lot two-cups-mornings this week.