Saturday, January 13, 2007

We Love Beverly Cleary, Too

Heather over at Mom 2 Mom Connection has a great post up today called Beverly Cleary, the Storyteller. Go read it.

I have been working up a post about why I like Amanda to read kids' classics, which I define as a book published at least twenty years ago. I think about what I read when I was a child, and I make it available to her. Additionally, we've discovered many older books, published in the fifties and even before. When I post it later this week, I'll tell why I find these books so appealing (and a few things to watch for).

Since I brought it up, if you'd like to list some books or authors that fall into this category (like Beverly Cleary and Laura Ingalls Wilder), I will include them in a comprehensive list of these types of books for kids. When I post, I'll tell why I find these books so appealing (and a few things to watch for).


Heather Ivester said...

Thanks for the mention -- it's fun to think that your daughter is reading Ramona Forever too. :)

I went to the Sonlight curriculum website and looked at all of their recommended literature reads -- we bought our kids lots of classic books for Christmas. My son is reading My Side of the Mountain and loves it.

We also bought a DVD of A Wrinkle in Time. The movie was ... well, OK ... but there was an interview with Madeleine L'Engle as a bonus that was absolutely priceless. I'm so glad someone took the time to interview her! (She said she wrote the draft of A Wrinkle in Time in 2 weeks -- while she had two young kids underfoot!)

Lauren S. said...

My favorite book when I was young was Ramona the Pest! I have always been amazed at the insight Beverly Cleary had into the mind of five-year-old Ramona. I also loved the Little House books, the Wizard of Oz, and Charlotte's Web.

Another book I remember from childhood is From the Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Franklweiler by E.L. Konigsburg. Looking back, I guess it wasn't great that the daughter (Claudia)ran away from home, but I pictured myself hiding in the Metropolitan Museum of Art with her(even though I had never been there). I just imagined that it would be such a fun adventure!

I can't wait to read your list. My son is young (amlost five), but I have started reading some chapter books to him. I was an elementary school teacher before having kids, and I love children's books!

At A Hen's Pace said...

Don't forget the often over-looked Marguerite Henry!


Jennifer said...

Oh, I knew I was going to get some fun discussion on this one! Please keep it coming.

Lauren--I loved Mixed Up Files, too. Loved it. Taking the pennies from the fountain so that they could eat out of the vending machines. . . .

Jeanne--My friend Dianne has recommended the Misty books, and my mil still has all of her daughter's copies, so Amanda has access to those.

Big Mama said...

I loved the Mixed Up Files, it just made my imagination go wild.

I also liked Trixie Belden books and a Bridge to Terabithia was one I read over and over again. The idea of the secret place in the forest was magical.

Oh! And Anne of Green Gables, although nothing beats the Little House on the Prairie series. On the Banks of Plum Creek was always my favorite.

Susanne said...

Trixie Beldon and Little House were my favorites. And there was another series but I can't remember the name or auther. The main character was Donna (Parker) I believe.

Granny said...

Bridge to Terabithia has been a fave at Granny's House as well. I'm wondering how faithful the movie will be to the book and how they'll handle the ending!

I've read the Ramona books over and over to my kids through the years...the only problem: I get to giggling so hard I have to stop reading right in the middle of a chapter! The kids used to take bets on how far we'd get before we were crying!

MUISTO said...

I think Frances Hodgson Burnett fits perfectly in with his
"Little Lord Fauntleroy", "The Secret Garden" and my favorite: "A Little Princess: The Story of Sara Crew" which is really heartbreaking and teaches a lot of what matters in life.

And don't forget to get your kids the fun of Enid Blyton. The Famous Five Series (the original 20 books - not today's series that is written by someone else) gave me a real forward on phantasie (I kept looking for secrets everywhere). Besides Famous Five there is the Adventure Series (my favorite), Secret Seven and the Secret Series (all written by E. Blyton).

Ah, and despite that it has become quite up-to-date because of the film lately: NARNIA is wonderful as well. "The silver chair" is a great one!

Katrina said...

Camden read a ton of Beverly Cleary books last summer (the Ramona and Henry series) and loved them all. I'm loving reading all your comments - they're bringing back the memories. Like others, as a kid I loved the Narnia series, Trixie Belden, Laura Ingalls Wilder, etc. books. My favorites were Nancy Drews, though, and I always wanted to grow up to be a detective. :)