Friday, February 16, 2007

Entertaining Presidents

No, this isn't a post about having the President (of the PTA, the Company, or the USA) to tea. This is a list of some fictitious Presidents who I find entertaining. So, in honor of the long weekend in honor of Presidents' Day, I give you a list of my favorite movie and TV Presidential portrayals from TV and the movies to consider. I also wish you much free time to while away the hours in front of the TV. Feel free to add your own favorites in the comments:

The West Wing--Yes, I know that I am not supposed to like it because it had sort of a liberal social agenda, but the writing was smart and the characters were charmingly fallible.

24--No spoilers! I'm only on season 5 (the current is season 6). A year or so ago, we started watching on DVD. We will watch a whole season within a month or so, but then we have to take a break of a few months before starting on the next season to get our heartrate back down to normal.

The American President and Dave are such wonderful movies, in my opinion. They are both touching and funny, and when I was searching for a link for each of them, I found that you can get them both on one disk for only $12.99. Apparently I'm not the only one who loves both of these movies, and sees them as similar--I guess because they are both relational, not political, views of the White House.

The Sentinel--I am not on the cutting edge of movies, either cinematic releases or DVDs (because most of our DVD watching time is spent on 24 in 4 hour blocks), but we did just see this new release, and I really enjoyed it.

Guarding Tess may be unknown to some of you. It's really a First Lady story, but we have to include at least one woman behind The Man, right?

Independence Day--Will Smith--need I say more? And I think that Bill Pullman is an even more endearing President than Michael Douglas (probably because I find him more endearing in general).

I was going to include some Presidential biographies and books as well, but I'll let these gems stand on their own and post some great books later this weekend.


RicMama said...

On 24: It's funny what you say about your heart rate. That is exactly what I said. I tried season one and felt I needed a defibrilator...maybe I'll try again. I think I'm the only one not watching it these days.

By the way, my Read Aloud list is posted on my blog.

Susanne said...

I'm really going to have to rent 24 'cause you all keep saying that!

I've seen some of these but most I haven't. Gaurding Tess sounds very interesting.

Funny there is not one movie made about a Prime Minister. I guess we are pretty boring up here in our politics. :vD

Barb said...

It just killed me and Rob when West Wing went off the air. So now we buy each season on DVD as it comes out. And we actually go back to the first season and watch from the beginning. We'll never get tired of it.

Rachelle said...

Michael Douglas in The American President rocks!

(P.S. My blog is back up... stop by sometime!)

Kim said...

I love your list for Presidents Day! Those are some awesome presidents you mentioned there. I would definitely add Air Force One to the list.

Kim (sitting in our hotel in Chattanooga)

Jennifer said...

Yes--I almost added Air Force One after I published it. Funny!

kailani said...

The American President is one of my all time favorite movies. I can watch it over and over again!

Chris said...

Independence Day is a favorite along with The American President and Dave.
I won't make any comments about 24, since we are (well my husband is) currently watching the new season.

Kevin Stilley said...

Actually, the sitting president is pretty funny in Guarding Tess, also. You never get to see him, only hear him on the phone, but he sounds like quite a character, -- an Arkansas character.

Big Mama said...

I love the American President. Great movie!

Katrina said...

I find Bill Pullman endearing as well! What is it about him? And Dave! I had forgotten about Dave. Good movie. As for 24, I watched the first season and haven't watched since, but I'm very tempted to start watching on DVD since it seems that the whole world loves it and I am just clueless. :)

Good post!

Mitali Perkins said...

Hi Jennifer,

Thanks for judging the Cybils! I was on the nominating panel for MG fiction, and loved that you guys chose ADMH. If you like fictional Presidents, let me know if you want an ARC of the first book in my forthcoming two-book series from Dutton Books For Young Readers, "First Daughter: Extreme American Makeover." You can contact me through my website. BTW, I love Bible study, too!

Mitali Perkins