Sunday, February 18, 2007

From the Kiddoes

All of us here in the Snapshot house are gearing up for the reading mission. Over the last several weeks, in anticipation of the mission, I have already tried to improve upon my reading habits.

Yesterday when I told Amanda about the Read to Me blog thing, I asked her if she had any tips. She is my daughter, so if you ask her, you'll get her opinion (and if you don't ask, an opinion still might be forthcoming). She gave me a couple of thoughts. The first was for choosing a good book for an older (8) child:

Not too long so that the child gets impatient and bored with it, but not short either. Well, sometimes picture books are okay. You could try mysteries, or maybe something that you have read before if you think that they would like it (I have loved sharing with her books from my childhood, so I was touched that this was a good thing in her book). It should be something exciting, where things happen all the time (this is very important to Amanda), because, you know, we are older now and can't just read boring books.

And the clencher, when I asked her why reading out loud is still important (for kids her age):

Because then the daughter knows that you're still her Mommy, and she's still your little girl. Because you used to read to her all the time--different kinds of books--but when you still read to her now, then you both still know.

Kyle is nearing three, and he still loves a good daily nap and sleeps ten or eleven hours each night. However, he is two years old, so when naptime or nighttime comes, and there's something exciting going on, he pitches a fit. Last night we had friends over, and we had just had ice cream and was hoping for more ice cream, so it was a big fit. We got into his room, and the wailing began to subside a bit as he asked, "Read? Read a book?" "Yes, I will read to you. Let's pick some books." After three books, he was calm and gave into his physical body, which was telling him that it was time for sleep.

Later that night, at 10:15pm, our friends had left. Amanda was in her pajamas. "Will you read to me, Mom?" Normally on a late bedtime such as this, the answer is absolutely no. I don't read, she can't read--it's lights out. But the request was so sweet, and the mission loomed, and we had a bag full of books from our library trip that day, a few of which I had chosen specifically for the mission. So, I took ten minutes and read to her. . . And knowing that she is still my little girl and her knowing that I am still her mommy is just icing on the cake.

Tomorrow I will post a list of links and resources for selecting books to read aloud. The Mr. Linky will also go up so that you can link to your specific post anytime next week, which includes your goals for the mission.


Susanne said...

That is so incredibly sweet. It makes me just want to go wake up my 17 year old and read to her just so she remembers she's my little girl and I'm her mommy.

Lindsey @ Enjoythejourney said...

Reading to children is so very important...thank you for doing this Jennifer!

Mamacita Tina said...

Reading definitely has the power to help one relax!

Katrina said...

Great post, and I love what Amanda said about why it's important - so sweet! We were talking about this challenge at our house last night too. :)

Lee said...

Thanks for the encouragement to remember how precious those requests are now before they grow up!

Rachel Anne said...

I love your daughter's quote. Kinda makes me get sentimental....(blinking back a tear)

Kristen said...

The "clencher" brought tears to my eyes... so sweet and so neat to see her perspective of it all.

Code Yellow Mom said...

Reading is such a fabulous thing...Amanda's insight is priceless.

My husband actually brought something interesting to my attention last night when we were talking about our boys' personalities - on is a definite introvert who needs one on one time or alone time to refuel and cope, and the other is a definite extrovert who needs interaction like crazy to process and feel happy and loved. My husband said, "You know what works for both of them? Reading aloud." To the introvert - it's a sharing, quiet time, and to the extrovert, it's an interactive, 'Mommy is paying attention to me' time.

I gotta go check out the "Read to Me" thing now. :)

Kelly said...

I am really looking forward to this and plan to post Tuesday or Wednesday. Thanks for doing this!

Anonymous said...

amanda's comments made me cry!! I love that our daughters are always our little girls and we are always their mommies!!

Jennifer said...

"Because then the daughter knows that you're still her Mommy, and she's still your little girl. Because you used to read to her all the time--different kinds of books--but when you still read to her now, then you both still know."

I love this! My daughter wouldn't be able to put this into words so please thank your little one for being so eloquent and speaking up for those who might not be able to do so.