Tuesday, February 13, 2007

How Do I Love my Library?

Let me count the ways:
  1. Free books--that's a no-brainer.
  2. It's a suitable outing for my toddler and me, looking to get out of the house (and again--a free one at that, not counting the petty fines that I've usually racked up).
  3. Libraries promote the love of books. Both of my kids accept the library as a fun outing, which means that they equate books with a hobby and an activity. They come by this honestly. Terry and I love to browse bookstores, and even browsing amazon takes up a good deal of my web time. I want books to be a lifelong love for my kids. Please, please go over and read Adrienne's post about toddler storytime which addresses this point beautifully. I just discovered her blog and am hooked so far.
  4. Libraries employ librarians. Librarians get to read books as a part their job. Many librarians blog about those books that they are reading. We should love our librarians as well. (All that constant alphabetizing and Dewey Decimalizing is brain-taxing. I've also learned from the four hours I month I spend volunteering in Amanda's school library, that reshelving books is a bit of a work-out--bending, stretching, carrying and hauling piles of books.) Here are a few librarian bookblogs that I've been enjoying:
  • Betsy at Fuse 8 tackles many genres as well--picture books, young adult fiction, and everything in between. She's entertaining and was a judge for this year's Newberry award!
  • Mindy at propernoun writes well--about many genres of kids' lit, including non-fiction, poetry, and fiction.
  • At Swarm of Beasts, Emily gives her honest opinions on books in many genres, heavy on fantasy, but including all sorts of books, with great labels on the side to find what you are looking for.
  • Marcia keeps a blog for the books she reads as a Middle School Librarian. OMS Book Blog is a thorough resource if you have a child between the ages of 11 and 14 and are looking to get them, or keep them, excited about reading.
Heads up to Rona, via a comment at Susanne's blog, for the announcement that it is Library Lovers' Month! There are so many cool ideas and resources on that site--films featuring librarians, bookmark downloads, and another link to ways you can love your local library.


Lindsey @ Enjoythejourney said...

I love my library too...but it is a SMALL library. we live in a small suburban town so our library is about the size of my house. The town over has a library that is 3 stories high and is getting ready to add on. The children's department alone is a huge floor.

I could join that library for the fee of $175 a year. No thanks. :(

So my small town library will have to do. But because it is small, they know you. My kids walk in and Miss Linda, their favorite librarian hands them stickers and things. She even "holds" books that come in that she thinks we may like! And she orders homeschool books for me with budget money. So in some ways, smaller is better! :)

Jennifer said...

Hi Jennifer-

Thanks for the link of propernoun. I'd never been there. She has a great post on books for reading a loud. Now I need to comb through it and make myself a new read aloud list. (I had already worked one up for your upcoming challenge).


Jennifer said...

Yes, I'm going to link to that specifically (and some other posts) later this week in regards to Read to Me resources.

Big Mama said...

Thanks for those links. I can't believe that I never went to the library on a regular basis until I had Caroline. I was missing out!

Lauren S. said...

I love my library too. We would go broke and run out of room if we bought every book that my son and I read! We are there at least once a week. Thanks for the links!

Heather said...

Here's to libraries and librarians. I have a great library. There have only been a couple of times when they didn't have the book I needed. They are always very helpful, and you can request the book online that you want. They'll pull it for you and deliver it to the library closest to you if it's at another library.

Beck said...

I love libraries! They are my favorite places in the world.

Dianne said...

You know I love my local library! Thanks for the heads up on Library Lovers' Month.

org junkie said...

We love library day around here. My kids really enjoy it and we spend so much time there just hanging out and we also really enjoy all the "extra" activities that are put on for the kids. It is very special for all of us. My daughter and I have even gone to the library for our daughter/mom dates and just sat and read in the leather chairs for a couple of hours (her choice). So relaxing!

Shauna said...

I love being able to do searches, reserve books and DVDs, keep track of my to-be-read list, and place holds and interlibrary loan requests online. On our trips to the library we can then head straight to the children's section--where there is a wide selection of toys, puzzles, puppets, and learning games--and my materials are waiting for me at the desk when it's time to leave.