Friday, February 16, 2007

This and That--the Blog Edition

I don't know if I have read "This and That" on someone's blog somewhere, but I like it. If I'm stealing it from someone, it's unintentional, so just be flattered at the imitation. Since I am seem to be having lots of inspiration lately, and thoughts that I must share, I thought I would try this format for those deluges. Since I cannot manage to weave the random thoughts in my mind into a literary posting like Katrina does (how does she do that?), this will sort of serve to pull the randomness together.


Heads up to Barb for pointing it out this week (I've seen it before, but it struck me today, and I loved my results). Do you want to create your own? Click my image to go to the site. Here's a tip--for your website address, cut and paste the address from your January archives. Otherwise I think it just looks at the first page. I got better results from doing it that way.


I finally, finally have restored my personal blogroll on my sidebar. As an explanation, these are my "Top 10" blogs. These are the ones that I always read. I read many others on a less regular basis (weekly or twice-weekly usually), including most of you who visit me. In order to introduce some of those other blogs, I will rotate blogs, by some sort of category--weekly I hope.

As a Valentine's week cyber Valentine, Code Yellow Mom (who is also a regular read), challenged us to link up to some blogs that we like--sharing the love, as it goes. So in my first rotating spots, I will feature some of the newer blogs (or new to me) that I am enjoying lately:

Come to the Table

A Spacious Place
Seedlings in Stone
Lori's Comfort Zone
Home Sanctuary

My Can't-Miss Blogs:

A Chelsea Morning

Big Mama
Callapidder Days
Enjoy the Journey

I'm an Organizing Junkie
Jen Robinson's Book Page
Raising Five
Unfinished Work

Commenting on Comments

I don't mind people lurking at all, and even though I'm a big mouth, I do lurk occasionally myself. However, I do love your comments--hearing a related thought that my post brought to your mind, or what you enjoyed. I occasionally will respond to a comment or a group of comments within the comments, but do you really check back to read that? I know that I don't (on other blogs), even though I mean to sometimes. If a comment is personal or if there's a question raised, I love to just shoot off an email in reply (obviously I can't do this all the time). But I find that only half, or fewer, of you have your email listed in your profile. If you don't mind, will you check the box?? Click the link to read Katherine's post if you don't know what I'm talking about. . . .


Kim said...

Good morning Jennifer! I love your snap shirt picture. I did one after Barb had it up the other day, but hadn't posted it yet. I am probably doing a very random entry before I finish packing for our little trip. I do lurk around your blog often, but I frequently don't feel qualified to comment after some of your very thought-provoking entries. You write so well.

Have a super weekend!

Tonya said...

I love finding new blogs to read...I already read some of your "can't miss blogs" but I can't wait to check out the new ones!!!

Katrina said...

Thanks for the compliment on my random posts -- you're sweet. While I don't think of them as literary posts, necessarily, I do have fun when I come up with some kind of format for them.

As for comments... I sometimes come back to check comments for "replies" but most of the time, once I leave a comment somewhere, I don't make it back. I, too, like shooting off an email to commenters.

Heather said...

Great word collage. Good way to get to know what is important to people.

Katherine@Raising Five said...

Love your collage. How did you do that? Thanks for spreading the word about "the box." I think those I've gotten to know here in blogland have been those who make themselves "findable." Thanks for including me on your can't miss list - you're on mine, too!

org junkie said...

Hello Jennifer! I will have to check out some of the blogs you mentioned. I agree I like to reply to a commentor via email but sometimes I'll do it in the comments box if I think it is something everyone would want to know.

I've got my box checked (now)!
Have a great day!!
PS: Thanks for including me on your list!

Jennifer said...

The word cloud came from snapshirts. The link was not functional, because I forgot to put it in, so now you can just click the picture and it will direct you.

Carrie K. said...

Have a great weekend, Jennifer!

Lori said...

You "outed" me! Thanks so much for your encouragement and "enjoying me."

kailani said...

I like that tag cloud image. Gives you a perspective on what you're blogging about.

Chris said...

I am happy to be one of your new reads, since you have become one of mine.

Lindsey @ Enjoythejourney said...

Awwwh, you're one of my top 10 too!!! :) I'm still in a blogroll quandry. I don't know what I'm going to do. I just don't know! decisions, decisions...

Barb said...

I LOVE this post. I love it when people just put all these random things out there in one nice neat little spot.

First, steal away. There are only so many ways to combine words so we're all bound to steal expressions from each other. Have at it!

And I'm totally tickled to be one of your must reads. You have no idea how nice that makes me feel. And to think I thought those books in your header were bolts of fabric (stupid, stupid) and you still read me. LOL

Comments. I almost never go back and check for a response where I left a comment. I simply don't have time because I read soooo many blogs (current count 142). But if I'm afraid my comment might have stirred anything up, I do go back to see if I upset someone or made them mad. That rarely happens because I'm a chicken and a wimp. But I just don't have time to visit the same comments more than once.

I think a lot of us like to respond with an email to meaningful comments. I do wish everyone would put an email link in their profile and check that box. Three quarters of the comments I get come from "non-reply" so lots of times I don't respond because I don't have time to go back and try to find an email address.

Things like this make it all go more smoothly. So it's good that you're helping Katharine get the word out there.

I'm giving this my best shot but I just don't think I can make this comment any longer. LOL

Laurel Wreath said...

I loved reading your "This and That" I want you to know I am a regular luker =) I know I don't comment as much, many of the books you enjoy and read about are very interesting, but over my head many times =) But I read your posts and care what is going on with you.


Big Mama said...

I always find myself in a comment quandry and never know if I should respond in the comments or not because I don't know if people come back to check. Email is definitely the better way to go.

And can I tell you how honored I am to be on your must read list? Seriously, thank you for that!

Dianne said...

Thanks for spreading the word about the email thing. I'm off to check mine, and yes - I like to be able to responds to comments via email. I never respond in my own comments section. I'm glad you put your blogroll back up - I do like seeing what others are reading. It's like my gateway to blogdom!

Kelly said...

I am such a fan of your blog, and was tickled that you have enjoyed visiting mine lately. Thank you for your encouraging words and thoughtful comments!

Rachel Anne said...

Jennifer, I appreciate being included in your "newer blogs" list! I love visiting your blog and though I rarely comment, please know I enjoy your insights and direction toward great reads. I ONLY WISH I had more time/energy to read everything I'd like to! My book wish list is getting longer, thanks to you. I am challenged to broaden my horizons and get a few more pages turned. Thanks.