Thursday, February 15, 2007

This and That--the Book Edition

When I got a Bassett catalog in the mail a couple of days ago, I immediately thought of THIS PICTURE that Jen posted a while ago. Well, I was astounded when I saw that it seems to be a trend. I can't seem to copy this picture, so just check it out here. I'll be the first to admit that I don't know much about home decor, but tell me--am I just wrong, or is this just pitiful (and a little creepy)?


It's awards season, right? I don't know much about the Grammy's or even the Oscar awards, but it's finally time for the winners of the first annual Children's and Young Adult Blogger Awards--the 2006 Cybils. I'm especially proud because I was a part of this inaugural year. I was proud to serve on the Middle Grade/Young Adult Non-fiction judging committee. A nominating committee had already narrowed the nominees down to five finalists when we received them after the first of the year. We all read through the nominated books and tried to share our initial thoughts without being "contaminated" by the thoughts of others about the book. We were working independently, but conversations began to emerge about kid appeal, target audience, and the integrity of the work. A week or so ago, we came together on a conference call and we made a decision. After that call and coming together to make a decision, we really felt like a team. The weeks of discussing books online didn't really bring us together, but the action of making a decision together certainly did.

Please click over and see who we selected and why, along with the winning books in all the other categories.


Chronicle books is giving away a basket full of some of their best kids' books. They hope to do similar contests monthly. They'll keep me updated, and in turn, I will keep you updated.

I'm giving away a free book from my aStore in the Blog Party from 5 Minutes from Mom, as a thank you for using my aStore and my amazon links. Check out all the details at their site about how you can be eligible.

I'm also giving away a $10 gift certificate from as an incentive to participate in the Read to Me mission. Thanks to all of you who have posted links and introductory posts already. Don't forget to come back the week of February 19th to link up to be eligible for the prize.

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Beck said...

That's just insane! Who wants to post their books inwards like that? It damages the books AND you can't be cheered up by doing that little mental eyesweep of your bookshelves when you go by.
A ten dollar amazon gift certificate! I will go check that out immidiately!