Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Cash Money and True Love

Cash and love is a little more logical pairing than Mozart and Anne Frank, isn't it? No?

Cash Money

Have you seen Lindsey's new site, Finding Contentment in the Suburbs? In her first post, she introduces it this way:
I personally feel like the key to becoming debt free or making any financial progress really is by learning to be content. Contentment is a huge thing. If you live in suburban America, such as I do, you will quickly find contentment is a virtue that many do not possess. It almost seems unattainable. You can take all the financial seminars you want, read all the books out there, but until you learn to be content with what you have, you will never break free. Sure, you could be a millionaire without being content, but honestly, I'd rather have a contented spirit and have peace in my life.

People around you are constantly upgrading. Getting newer, bigger, better houses. Fancier cars. And gadgets for those houses and cars. Nothing is simple anymore here in suburbia; unless you purposefully choose it that way. We are surrounded by thousands of choices on a daily basis. Why, you can't even go into a coffee shop anymore without having 1,000 choices in front of you!
I have always been very thankful for my financially sensible husband. Maybe not always very thankful. But the truth is that because of his wise planning, we have never been under financial strain. I wanted to share a strategy that has worked for us over these last four years or so. Please click over to read "Controlling Spending with a Cash Allowance." If nothing else, you'll be able to drool over another fabulous design by Bluebird Blogs.

True Love

I hope that you have someone in your life who loves you completely, unconditionally. In order to feel that kind of love from someone, you have to believe that he or she knows you pretty completely as well. Yes, my husband knows me so well, and yet I know that he is always ready to forgive a dumb mistake or overlook an error in judgment and give me another chance. I'm posting at Faithlifts today about "Who Knows You Best." Please come on over.


org junkie said...

Wow you have been a busy girl. I'll definitely check your articles out!


Heidi said...

The money thing is totally true. I am constantly baffled at my neighbors who complain about their houses, cars etc.

Chris said...

Both posts were excellent Jennifer!

Kathleen aka Coffee Mom said...

Great post! Also very beautiful - Susie designed my old blog (http://www.homeschoolblogger.com/kateyz) which was gorgeous. I'll have to get her to fix up my new one too!

In the past few years I've been noticing how "important" it is in our society to show signs of material wealth. Flashy cars, big house etc., but does any of that actually make us happy? Of corse not. I think it actually makes people unhappier, always working to maintain all the stuff. I live a very happy and definitely content life. I'm trying to teach my children the same thing. Happiness is in you head, not in your things.

Overwhelmed! said...

Wow, these "Cash Money" and "Controlling Spending with a Cash Allowance" posts tie in great with my Changing our spending habits post today.

Thanks for sharing!