Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Kids Who Rule

I requested Kids Who Rule: The Remarkable Lives of Five Child Monarchs from Annick Press because the premise was interesting to me. Perhaps kids would be interested in learning a bit more about some leaders who were kids when they ruled, learning a little bit about governing and history at the same time. It's a very inviting book. A colorful representation of King Tut adorns the front cover, and the interior pages are laid out in an interesting and eye-catching way as well . Each chapter begins with a vignette that could have occurred in the young ruler's life. Using this dramatic technique immediately peaks the reader's interest. The accurate historical information that is presented after this is much more readily absorbed within this context. The rulers who are profiled include Mary Queen of Scots, Queen Cristina of Sweden, Emperor Puyi of China, and the Dalai Lama. You can search inside the book and read much of the chapter on King Tut.

Some thoughts from Amanda--3rd grade, 8 years old--after I made her let her read the book:

Kids Who Rule is about how kings and queens were chosen when they were little kids. I liked how it was non-fiction, but I really don't like non-fiction, so that's a good privilege for the author. I liked it because it was educational, so parents might like that, and it's a good book! Most non-fiction books are boring. My favorite chapter was "The Girl was born to be King," Queen Cristina of Scotland. I would recommend this book to people who are looking for good books, and someone whose parents are looking for something educational, because they don't usually read non-fiction books. New words are explained really well, so I think someone younger than me could read this book, too.

Title: Kids Who Rule
Author: Charis Cotter
Publisher: Annick Press
Date: April 2007
Pages: 120
Source: Review copy from publisher
Recommended to: Boys and Girls, ages 7 and up


Beck said...

I DO like Annick Press - they're Canadian and do a LOT of wonderful children's books. That one sounds excellent - good reviews!

keri said...

Sounds quite interesting!
I am enjoying your blog...
nice design.

Katrina said...

I love Amanda's thoughts - very cute!

Overwhelmed! said...

Based on Amanda's glowing review, I'm going to look for this book! :)

Kelly said...

I think my son will enjoy this. Once again, I am heading to Amazon to check it out.

L.L. Barkat said...

I love the review. Gee, an 8 year old who doesn't like non-fiction? That's surprising. So, I guess that makes this book extra intriguing!

Rachelle said...

Great recommendation for my 7 & 9 yr olds!

Kathleen Marie said...

This book does sound very interesting. Tell your angel she did a great job.

Personally, I can't imagine the pressure some of these children were under but than again, they were raised to rule.

We do need more children today who are being raised to leaders, especially Christian leaders.

Hugs to you! It is nice to be back in Bloggityville after my long trip.