Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Spring Reading Thing

I like to read books in several genres, and often at the same time. I sort of have a master to-be-read list going, so I want to stick to that, with the exception that I would like to read at least one book that I find on someone else's list. I see SO many good books reviewed in the blogosphere, and then it just goes on that long master I-will-never-get-to-read list. So, I am going to take at least one book off of the Spring Reading Thing lists that I encounter as people post them. Reading all those lists detailing what people want to read and why was one of my favorite parts of the Fall into Reading Challenge.


A Tree Grows in Brooklyn--I think that I bought this at the very cool bookstore we go to when we are in NYC. I know that I've heard about it, but I don't know much more about it, except that it seems to be a nice blend of fiction, and memoir which I love so much.

To Kill a Mockingbird--My town library is doing this great thing where the whole town reads a book together. Free paperback copies were distributed, and next month there will be special book groups and events including a talk by the guy who wrote the book about Harper Lee and a showing of the movie followed by discussion. Since I haven't read this since high school and it's on so many bloggers' personal favorites lists, I can't wait to read this.

Quaker Summer--I have loved everything I've read by Lisa Samson. I doubt that this will be any different.

I came across these next two titles at my addictive overstocks bookstore. They are both trade paperbacks, and were each only $3 new! I had not heard of this particular novel by Jodi Picoult, Mercy, but I'm sure I'll enjoy it. After reading Elizabeth I Royal Diary in the Fall into Reading Challenge, I was interested in learning more about that time period, and had seen The Other Boleyn Girl around a good bit. When I saw Chris' description on her sidebar as a of the books that take you to a place, I knew that I would enjoy it, because while I don't think of historical fiction as a favorite genre, I love a book that transports me into another world, such as a different place, time, or lifestyle (but don't all books do this? Isn't this why we read?).

I do not think I will read all 5 of these, but it's possible. In the fall, I read a fair bit more than I thought I would, but that included a long driving trip for Thanksgiving (where my husband drove and I read). I like to push myself, and I want to get through these books, so we'll see.

I try to read through at least one writing book at a time to keep me inspired and hopefully improve my style. I will pick a couple that are gathering dust on my shelves at the moment, so that then maybe I can buy more.
The Right to Write by Julia Cameron
I'm about halfway through and would like to finish: Leads and Conclusions (doesn't that just sound SO interesting??)


Grace Based Parenting
Personality Plus
My Heart's in the Lowlands
Love and Logic Magic for Early Childhood
ACK--I already forgot and am adding a book just a few hours later. I have a review copy of Queen of the Castle on its way, and I'm very excited to dig in to the "52 weeks of encouragement for the domestically challenged."

Kid Stuff:
I have really enjoyed reading non-fiction for kids (I can learn interesting facts without having to think too hard), and I love a well-written children's novel as well.

First Daughter: An Extreme American Makeover
Factory Girl
Eleanor Roosevelt
Ben Franklin, Inventing America

I also want to continue the habit of reading aloud with Amanda that we established in the Read to Me Mission last month by selecting some books that I am interested in reading anyway:

Sarah, Plain and Tall
Rickshaw Girl
Mary Poppins Comes Back
Amanda's school does something called "One School, One Read" (not related to the town thing, but a similar idea), where the whole school reads the book at home and at school. The book was just revealed, and it's Toys Go Out, so we'll be reading that one first.

I have been listening to one audiobook a month, so I might get through three in this time period. I really enjoy "reading" memoirs in this way (because it's just like listening to someone telling me their story), and some memoirs that are on my list are A Girl Named Zippy, The Good, Good Pig, and One Year Off, so perhaps I will listen to those if they are available.

I will update this section after I read other participants' lists. It will either be something totally new to me or one of those "I've really been wanting to read this for a while" books.


Katrina said...

What a great and varied list! I hadn't heard of that Picoult book either and I'll look forward to seeing how you like it. I almost put a Love and Logic book on my list, too, but I'm keeping it for later.

And -- I think it's very cool about your library having the whole town read a book together. That's really neat.

Karen said...

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn is one of my favorites from my junior high/high school years. I'll have to reread it soon and see what my reaction as an adult is. And To Kill a Mockingbird is an all-time favorite! Love the idea of a town reading it together.

TaunaLen said...

I wish I was a member of your town library. To Kill a Mockingbird is one of my favorites. A Tree Grows in Brooklyn is also one of my favorites, I read it last in High School. It made my challenge list, too.


Kathleen aka Coffee Mom said...

I've read a few books on your list and enjoyed them all. I can't remember A Tree Grows in Brooklyn though, I'm adding it to my summer list. I've seen that a few people are reading The Other Boelyn Girl, I'm intrigued to say the least!

Dad said...

The movie of To Kill a Mockingbird follows the dialogue of the book more closely than any movie I have seen. Amanda should certainly enjoy the movie and then she may want to read some of her favorite parts from the book. Please pass this suggestion on to her.

Lindsey @ Enjoythejourney said...

I want to read Quaker summer too, since I grew up Quaker and all. It seems most people make them out to be Amish, which they are most definately not! :)

Deena said...

Great list! You'll love Quaker Summer. I'm eager to read your thoughts on many of the books on your list, so I'll be checking back.

Susanne said...

Grace based parenting is on my list too, came very highly recommended so I'm looking forward to getting into that one.

Nise' said...

Enjoyed checking out your reading list! It is awesome that the whole town in reading To Kill A Mockingbird. I loved that book in high school, loved it when each of my kids had to read it when they were in high school!

~liz said...

Hi Jennifer! Thanks so much for your comment at my blog. I've been lurking in yours for a few weeks since I saw the "Read To Me" link in another blog recently - only 2 days before the close of the reading month! Will you be doing it again? Of course, I know it's soemthing I could always start with my boys at anytime, but I like the community in the "blogosphere" when challenges like these are made available.
Iv'e read several Jodi Picoult books as well and wasn't familiar with "Mercy" - I'd be interested in hearing your review of it.
Happy reading!

Becky said...

I really loved reading Toys Go Out. It was so fun. (I blogged about it last week.) To Kill A Mockingbird has always been a favorite....and A Tree Grows in Brooklyn is another. I just read that one a few months ago--probably in February. And The Other Boleyn Girl I finished this past weekend! I did enjoy it, but then again I love reading about Henry VIII and his wives... :)

Becky said...

I really loved reading Toys Go Out. It was so fun. (I blogged about it last week.) To Kill A Mockingbird has always been a favorite....and A Tree Grows in Brooklyn is another. I just read that one a few months ago--probably in February. And The Other Boleyn Girl I finished this past weekend! I did enjoy it, but then again I love reading about Henry VIII and his wives... :)

Kelly said...

Love the variety in your list. I love To Kill a Mockingbird-such memorable characters. I haven't read Lisa Sampson--might have to try one of her books.

Rae said...

You have such a great list! To Kill A Mockingbird is still one of my favorite books. Happy Reading! =)

twiga92 said...

I read Personality Plus many years ago. I love books about personality traits and so forth. And I'll be interested to see what you think of Picoult's Mercy. Interesting subject matter.

Andrea said...

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you'll be by again!
Your list looks fantastic. I am going to have to read "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn" because it is on so many women's lists! Can't wait to hear what you think.

I re-read "To Kill A Mockingbird" this year--I hadn't read it since high school, either. A masterpiece. Loved it. I read it alongside the biography of Harper Lee called "Mockingbird", which was very interesting, too. I recommend the pair. should *read* "A Girl Named Zippy"--not listen to's so good. I did a review on it on my blog. There is a sequel that is great as well.

Also--where is the cool NYC bookstore!!? I am in Westchester--close to you?

Literalicious said...

I love that you've included audiobooks on your list! I'm a frequent listener during my commute, so I'll check in on how you like these three.

Happy spring reading (and listening!)

Lisa writes... said...

First time visitor here...but I had to check out your list. Thanks to Katrina for this great idea! LOVED To Kill a Mockingbird, and Quaker Summer will find its place on my list as well (when I get it up!).

Happy reading,

Jane said...

Great list and what a great town library you have!!!

Appliejuice said...

I am requesting a few of these from our library. I have read To Kill a Mockingbird a couple of summers ago and am not ready to read that one again. :)

Thanks for your list. I am enjoying getting ideas from everyone.


Lauren S. said...

Great list Jennifer! I read A Tree Grows in Brooklyn in 10th grade and loved it. It was a favorite of my teacher's, so I am sure his love for it was infectious. I have noticed it on several lists. I may have to reread it! Have fun!

Heather said...

I bought A Tree Grows in Brooklyn when I was in 6th grade. My mom confiscated it immediately to white-out all the curse words before letting me read it. I haven't seen the book since. Maybe it's in some box in my parents' attic. I'll have to check next time.

Deena said...

Hey, Jennifer,
Thanks for checking out my list...and yeah, I really DO read that's a weird thing. I've always been able to read really quickly, which came in handy in college LOL!!
Just one of my many talents, I suppose....

Tammy said...

Love the list...I'm a big fan of the Sarah movies, and I'd be interested in reading the books...
You're the second one who listed "Grace Based Parenting"...this sounds great and I may have to add this!
And OK...Queen of the Castle sounds right up my alley! ;)

Ashley said...

This is a great list. I read A Tree Grows in Brooklyn in high school and I loved it. I just finished my first Jodi Picoult book, My Sister's Keeper. I couldn't put it down and the ending completely surprised me! I also have some friends who have read quite a bit of Philippa Gregory's stuff. I'm going to have to check her out. Good Luck!

kardel said...

Your list has so many interesting titles. Grace Based Parenting sounds like something interesting that I need to read. And I love To Kill a Mockingbird. I've never heard of Lisa Samson, but our library has some of her books. I might check some of those out. Any suggestions of which one first?

alisonwonderland said...

great list! i've been meaning to read A Tree Grows in Brooklyn - i'll definitely get to it at some point!

happy reading!

Boltbabe said...

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn seems ot be a popular pick this time around. Ok, Julia Cameron...just an inspiration for creativity all the way around. Let me know what you think of this title. Mockingbird is one of my favorite stories. Hope you enjoy it with your town!

Kate said...

Hi! Awesome to "meet" you, thanks for stopping by! I LOVE's great. :-) Fantastic sister has really enjoyed some of Jodi Picoult's books, I haven't read any yet but I hope to! I have MET Lisa Samson through a friend...she's great and a MD local. Pretty cool, it's my one "claim to fame". Ha! Enjoy your reading!!

Heidi said...

Good luck! You have a long list--looks challengign to me.


Mitali Perkins said...

Thanks for putting two of my books on the list ... I want to talk to you about Toys Go Out after you read it, which I loved except for one thing that bothered me so much I was tempted to write the author (who is wonderful) and ask her please, please not to do it again in the sequel because I liked the book so much ...

ComfyDenim said...

I'm loving that the authors are interested in the fact that we're reading their books.

So glad that our paths have crossed. I can't wait to see how fast the spring goes with all our reading.

You've got quite a good list with many books I've actually heard of and never read. *L* I hope you have lots of reading fun.

See you in the book stacks!

Alexis said...

A big list of books I am unfamiliar with. I'm realizing just how little I know... geesh. LOL Based on what you wrote and some of the comments I'll be back to see how you like your books and may just choose some too. Happy Reading!!!

annie said...

Happy reading! A Tree Grows in Brooklyn is wonderful.


Karen said...

Kindred spirits indeed! To Kill A Mockingbird and Tree Grows in Brooklyn have long been in my TBR stack! Happy reading:)