Friday, March 30, 2007

This and That--Announcements and Updates

Check out Buy a Friend a Book Week. I'll send you my address if you need it, friend. . . .

I loved reading all of your kind thoughts and results pertaining to the Read to Me mission. I'm glad that even if you didn't meet your goals, that you made an effort, and plan on continuing in that vein. I did give out some prizes, as promised and the winners are. . .

Baseballs and Bows
has been sent From Cover to Cover: Evaluating and Reviewing Children's Books for the number of posts and book reviews and suggestions throughout the mission.

I drew The Wooden Porch for the $10 gift certificate to

As sort of a random bonus, I decided to send Appliejuice my National Geographic book on Mozart, since she committed to read some biographies to her kids and reported that they were enjoying them.

How are you doing with your reading? I'm doing well with Amanda, and okay with Kyle, but I am noticing a bit of personal resistance creeping in, so I need to remember how quick and easy it really is to read to him in at least two chunks a day.

Speaking of updates. . . all of you really jumped right in to encourage me about taking up the 21 day challenge, in my case not to yell. I'm doing pretty well! I have had slip ups when I've allowed myself to get frustrated, but I have controlled the loud talking sort of yelling by getting up and walking upstairs or downstairs to talk to the children instead of yelling and physically going over to Kyle if he needs some instruction (or correction). Baby steps, baby steps. If you're trying not to yell or complain, how are you doing??

I'm finally updating what are supposed to my rotating links, but have been over there on the sidebar for a while. I honor of my bloggiversary, I am posting those bloggers who have been in it with me since the beginning. Maybe not the very beginning, but they each started blogging within a few months of me, and I sort of associate my blogging journey with them. Katrina and Katherine and Dianne are already on my permanent blogroll, but in addition to them, we have
Code Yellow Mom
Frog and Toad are Still Friends
This One's for the Girls (Michelle took a long break, and I sort of lost track of her, but she's good stuff)
Here and Now (same thing--Laura didn't really take a long break, but she had a baby, and well . . . .)

Introducing. . . .

Deliciously Clean Reads is a site that Emily started earlier this month. She says in her intro post:
The last few books I have started, I have not been able to finish due to pages full of swearing/sex scenes. It is extremely frustrating to get halfway through a page-turner and find that your conscience will not let you continue. I wish there was a rating system for books similar to movies. Then, I would know not to pick up R-rated books. Few Pg-13s would make my to-be-read list, to be honest.
It's true. For me there is so much that I want to read that if I get into a book that is a bit off-putting for me, it just seems like a waste of time. Reading a book isn't just like watching a two hour movie. It takes time, and it takes effort (I can't read and do something else, so I am choosing that book over anything else).

There are only a few reviews up right now, but if you are interested in this, please go over and leave her a comment and tell her so! You can find out how you can contribute new reviews or reviews from your archives. There are some fantastic links on the sidebar from great kids' lit bloggers and other sources including clean Young Adult and early teen reads. There are some really talented people writing for children, tweens and teens, so check them out for your own personal reading, or as recommendations for your own children.

I am in for the 30 Day Organizational Challenge. I even have my little project all picked out. Click the banner for more details and sign up April 3!

Thanks to Lauren S. for alerting me to the newest contest at 5 Minutes for Mom. They are giving away a free Dyson slim vacuum. Oh my heart is palpitating at this thought! Pick me, pick me!


Heather said...

Do you need my address? I can also send a list of books to make things easier for you.
And does the Dyson vacuum do hard floors? I like my vacuum except that it's not so good on the tile or concrete floors.

stephanie said...

That "deliciously clean reads" is JUST what I need! Thanks. :)

Lauren S. said...

THANKS Jennifer! I can't wait to read the book. Also, thanks for the clean reads link. I will check that out. I hate having to put down a book I have invested in because of things I find distasteful. This blog sounds very helpful! Again, thanks for doing the challenge and for the book. Have a great weekend!

Laura said...

Ever since you left a comment on my post about not yelling, I've been terribly convicted about the way I talk to my 2 year old. Having the new baby has made it difficult for me to get to the toddler and so I've resorted to yelling too. And I do the whole thing too where I tell her no several times and then snap because she isn't being obedient. That first-time obedience thing is rough. Even I don't have it down. She's been repeating so much of what I say lately and I think she has me all wrong. I do not sound like that! (Do I?) Ugh.

I got my reminder-bracelet yesterday. It's lime green. And I got three. My husband worried that one was for him and he was not about to stop complaining he said. :) One was for me, one for my toddler so she wouldn't take off with mine and one spare, you know, in case she does take off with mine and it makes its' way to wherever she hid my car keys.

It's not going fantastically, this whole not complaining thing. And I make amazing justifications for my complaints too. But this exercise is acting like a mirror into my heart. I'm a whiner. :( Ok, and long-winded.

Appliejuice said...

Thank you Jennifer for picking me for a random bonus. It is quit an honor! We are looking forward to getting the book.

Now I am going to check out the links you posted.


Gina said...

Wow! Has it been a year already? I think I missed my blogiversary!

org junkie said...

Hi Jennifer,
I'm encouraged by your success so far. It provides me motivation to know that someone else struggles as I do. I am ready to make a change.

I'm so glad you will be participating again in the challenge. Wait till you see the prizes I have lined up...very exciting!!!


Katrina said...

Deliciously Clean Reads sounds great. I completely agree with Emily (and you) about book content, and I'm glad that you'll be contributing over there. Looking forward to it!

MUISTO said...

Ha, I did not even know it was "Buy-a-friend-a-book-week", but I did it out of no reason, but I thought she'd earned it - being Mom of four kids and doing a phantastic job in this.
I sent "Meditations for Women who do too much" to her, which I like very much myself - gives me a good thought every now and then...