Friday, April 06, 2007

The Follow-up Visit

No, I do not have to see the doctor again, but I thought I would give some updates from earlier posts this week:

I did appreciate all of the helpful comments that you made on To Doctor or Not to Doctor? I had made an appointment (I got the first one of the day, which is really wonderful), and I took Kyle in. The one symptom that had troubled me, in addition to the fact that his fever had lasted for three days, is that his gums were red and swollen. I thought that was odd. He also had a fever blister on the outside of his top lip, and his poor little mouth was swollen. By the time we saw the doctor on Wednesday morning, he wasn't swollen, but he also had ulcers inside his mouth. It wasn't hand-foot-mouth disease, but she did say that ulcers like that are almost always viral, so she didn't give us an antibiotic. She was very nice and encouraging, and so I asked her, "I never know when to bring them in, since oftentimes it is viral and there's nothing that we can do but treat it at home anyway. When should I?" So, I will give you advice straight from the doctor's mouth for all of you who wrestle with it as I do. She suggests taking a child to the doctor with any of the following symptoms:
  • high fever that lasts three days or does not go down with medication
  • rash or infected looking sores
  • child stops drinking (loss of appetite is typical)
  • lethargy
She also very kindly affirmed me saying, "You made the right call and came in at just the right time."

Believe it or not, he is still kind of sick, but still fine when treated with I keep the Ibuprofen in him. Amanda has been up and down, in school and home from school throughout the week, but the last two days have been the worst for her. The last two nights she's woken me up crying in her sleep. Real crying, but real sleep, too. By God's grace, I am not feeling completely stir-crazy.

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I think that Beck and I teamed up for a pretty good Interview of me, but I think that I'm a better interviewer than interviewee. Two commenters asked for some questions. I gave them interesting questions and they delivered fascinating interviews, so click over to read the interviews:


Lauren S. said...

Thanks for the questions Jennifer! I hope both of your kids are feeling completely well soon!

Beck said...

Aw, your poor little man! I feel no embarrasment about taking my kids to the doctor when it's maybe not necessary - they're my kids and I'm allowed to worry. I hope your guy is feeling better soon!

org junkie said...

I'm praying the kiddos get better real soon. Hope you are able to get some rest in there as well.

Thinking of you,

The Wooden Porch said...

I hope it all passes soon! Give 'em lots of Easter candy. That solves all my daughter's illnesses or so she says.