Wednesday, April 18, 2007

For Heather

Can you imagine suddenly being diagnosed with a brain tumor? Well, I can't either, but Heather knows what it's like, and she's been sharing on her blog--her fears, worries, and faith (that link is to her "brain stuff" category). We have all been praying for her, and no doubt you've read about her story somewhere else in the blogosphere. Since I'm traveling, I had not posted anything, but I wanted to just pass this on to those of you who might not know, or might not otherwise be tuned in to the blogosphere.
The very warm-hearted Boomama has set up a paypal donation fund. Heather and her husband have already miraculously gotten an appointment at the Mayo clinic for April 25th (this is only about two weeks after her inital diagnosis, when it first seemed that mid-May was the earliest available appointment).
If you feel so inclined, give a donation--as little as one dollar. If you have been or will be praying, you can also leave a note at Boomama's link as an encouragement to Heather and her family.
Life is very precious, and apparently very precarious as well.

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Janice (5 Minutes for Mom) said...

It is so wonderful how the blogging community rallies for their loved ones!!!

Jennifer - I just got your email - I think somehow my emails to you are getting lost!!! AACK! I just sent you one and resent the missing ones, let me know if you get them this time!