Tuesday, April 24, 2007


I still have a lot to say, but let me just say what I have still yet to do, on this my third day back, as justification for why I'm not saying it:
  • Unpack
  • Do Laundry
  • Write--for a class I'm taking as well as to keep my self-imposed goals
  • Potty Train--I am potty trained quite well, thank you. I am even well-trained enough to tell an almost three-year-old that he needs to go. However, he is not trained. We do pretty well most of the time, even though he still protests, but he has yet to tell me when he needs to go. That's okay. I'm relaxed. He's wearing pull-ups (of the cheap, generic variety), so accidents are no problem. I'm remaining patient and calm. We did buy some wonderful Thomas underwear today as incentive for him to tell me when he needs to go.
  • Speaking of incentives, check out this poem that Laura posted to cheer us on in the 30 Day Organizational Challenge. That is another big bullet on my list that has not been tackled. My Before is still a Before. However, I did shop today for containers that I need to best make my space work (to no avail). I'm going to look online today.
There's more that I want or need to do that I haven't, but that list is keeping me pretty busy. And a reason that needs no excuse is that it's been absolutely gorgeous outside. When I left here it was in the 40's, and ever since I've returned it's been in the 70's--perfect weather for sitting on the back deck with a book and trying to get a little color on my oh-so-white arms and legs.

So, there will be more, and even some pictures, but not right now.


Lauren S. said...

I guess we have white arms and legs in common! I am always afraid when spring comes that I will blind someone when the sun reflects off my legs! Good luck with the potty-training. We are going to have to begin that soon. My daughter will is 2 1/2 this week!

Katrina said...

No problem - take your time! Recovering from a trip always takes me several days, and that doesn't even count getting the laundry done. And the weather -- yes, enjoy it while it's nice. We never know when it'll get cool and rainy again, right?

org junkie said...

Glad you liked the poem! Don't be too hard on yourself, you were away after all. Yours can be the 10 day challenge! You still have time. I say dump it all out in the middle of your kitchen floor and you'll get so tired of walking over it that you'll have it organized in no time or mad enough that you just chuck it all out...lol.

I hear ya on the white legs thing. I wanted to wear my first skirt of the season the other day and changed my mind when I realized my legs were the same color as the remaining snow in our yard. Not so good. Tan wipes here I come...they are the best!

And if I can just jump right in on the whole potty training thing...my best advice...get rid of the pull-ups and put him right into is Thomas underwear right away...I know it is more work but he'll definitely be telling you when he makes a mess. Let him run around outside in just his underwear (and t-shirt) and bring a little potty outside. It worked great with my son and less mess for you!

Wow this comment is way too long now, sorry.

Glad you are back!

Rachelle said...

You said the words "potty training" and "absolutely gorgeous outside." Sounds like a perfect time of year to put that kid outside with a pair of underpants, put that little potty seat outside too, and let him go there on his own! Sometimes it helps when they don't have to "tell Mommy" when they need to go! Independence, yeah, they like it don't they???

Lindsey @ Enjoythejourney said...

Weeeeelcome home! Sounds like me, I always need a vacation to recoup from my vacation.

Joyful Days said...

It always takes me a long time to get caught up and then back into a semblance of what was normal. Oh, and potty training on top of it...

Be kind to yourself.

Big Mama said...

Welcome Home! It always takes me days to recover from a trip and sometimes that's just trips to the grocery store.