Thursday, April 19, 2007

When Was the Last Time You. . . .

Memes really are a simple easy way to get a post up, and I love reading people's answers when they are going around. This is the second or third appealing on that I've seen Lauren do, and since I am on the road, I thought I'd get this up today. I know that I've gotten a few posts up this week, but after today, I will truly be out of touch through the weekend until I return home.

When was the last time you….

1. kissed someone?

I kissed my little guy this morning when I got him up.

2. drank coffee?

I'm drinking Dad's delicious, strong freshly ground coffee with half-and-half right now.

3. read a book?

Last night--One thing I love about being away from home/driving/flying is lots of time to read, so I've finished one book, am halfway through another, and a bit into a third since Friday!

4. cursed?

While skiing. I believe that it was on the same ski trip that I injured my knee, but it might have been the one before that. I was frustrated and had fallen, and I specifically remember Terry admonishing me not to curse.

5. had a nightmare?

I think it's been a while--several months at least.

6. checked your email?

Before I posted this.

7. had a crush?

I should probably plead the fifth on this one. I tend to develop friendly crushes on people who are new to me and interest me--male or female. You know that feeling when you just want to get to know someone better, or learn more about them (if they are a fictitious person--actor or something).

8. drove a car?

Last night met my friend Angela for some delicious Mexican food. I thought I was done driving for the night, but I got home without my cell phone, so I had to go back and get it.

9. rode a roller coaster?

June 2005 when I went to Six Flags with the church youth group. It made me feel sort of old because I thought it was very fast and jiggly, as opposed to just thinking it was a whole lot of fun.
10. took a nap?

It's probably been over a week. I usually take at least one little fifteen to twenty minute snooze each week when I'm at home.

11. went to the movies?

Terry and I saw the Pursuit of Happyness. I guess that was back in February or March? Whenever it was out.

12. drank alcohol?

It's been eight or ten years.

13. went to a party?

I went to a baby shower a few weeks ago, and I attended an Easter gathering of three families of friends who got together for dinner.

14. said “I love you"?

To Amanda after I got home. She was already in bed, but she stirred and told me she loved me, and I returned it.

15. cooked a meal?

Last Thursday night. . .another perk of being away from home. I'll probably cook while I'm at my grandmother's house this weekend.

16. exercised?

I'm definitely going to plead the fifth on this one.

I won't tag anyone on this, but I had fun doing it, so let me know if you choose to do it.


Barb said...

I can assure you there would be a direct link between the cursing/skiing and nightmare answers for me. Two of the worst experiences of my life were the two times I attempted skiing.

Pathetic for someone who lives in Colorado, but it's true.

Lindsey @ Enjoythejourney said...

I did this meme. And admitted the truth on cursing and alcohol consumption too. :)

Lauren S. said...

Fun answers Jennifer! I think I finally admitted that I was a grown-up when roller coasters caused motion sickness rather than excitement. Enjoy your time with your grandmother, and I hope your return home is a smooth one!

HipWriterMama said...

Thanks for sharing this. It's fun to learn about other people.

Heather said...

that was a fun meme!

stephanie said...

Very fun ... I saw this earlier at Lindsay's and did it. :) Glad you are having a great vacation.

Katrina said...

Great meme. I'll be doing this one too, especially since my brain isn't working well enough to come up with a post without some serious help. :) Reading, checking email, saying I love you...they happen every day. Exercise and going to parties? Not so much here.

Laurel Wreath said...

I enjoyed reading this =) the coffee sounded yummy...

Shauna said...

Fun meme!

Gina said...

My meme's up! This was a fun diversion!

Blessed Beyond Measure said...

I loved your honesty on #7, the cursing - it's once a year when the mower wont start and instead it rises up off the pavement because I'm not strong enough to give it a hearty pull. I curse then I'm aggravated as all get out. Still, every year same ole thing.

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