Thursday, May 10, 2007

Do You Have an Opinion?

I always have an opinion, and I love to share it. I've learned in my old age to gauge whether or not my opinion is needed/wanted. I need and want your experiences!

First--in the comments section, you can answer either of these questions:

What struggles do you have in making time for yourself?

What information would you like in an article about moving your family cross-country?

For my writing class, I'm trying to gather information to include in an article or two. If you would be willing to answer a few questions to help me gather some real-life examples, I would really appreciate it. So, if you have practical experience in any of the following areas, please email me at jennifer(dot)snapshot(at) (replacing the words with the symbols of course). You might not think you have anything of value, but I will email you some questions that might spark something.

  • Have you ever made a move from one region of the country to another? Or from one country to another?
  • Do you have any tips that have helped you handle anger?
  • How has your young child's life been enriched by interaction with a senior citizen? Or, what rich experiences did you have as a child with a senior?

Just tell me in the subject line which topic(s) you would like to answer questions about. Thanks!


T with Honey said...

What struggles do you have in making time for yourself?

For me it always boils down to guilt. If I cut my work day short, even if I have nothing to do I feel as if I am somehow cheating my employer. If I interrupt my work day for, say, a workout, then I have to make up for it by staying later and not having as much time with my family at night. If I schedule a Mom's night out, again I feel guilty because I am not spending quality time with my husband and daughter. And then the guilt nags at me when I do manage to schedule some 'me time' ruining the whole thing.

Big Mama said...

My biggest struggle is that to really have time to myself, I have to stay up way too late at night. So, I'm constantly weighing the merits of time to wind down and be alone vs. being tired the next day.

Kathleen Marie said...

Wow, I have moved so many times in my life as an adult and as a child. What would you like to know?

My kids are have been so enriched by being raised near their grandparents. There home was always a second home to them. They were also very blessed by a precious great aunt who also lived nearby.

Anger -- Let's just say God has delivered me from so much anger.

Hugs to you!

Dianne said...

"What struggles do you have in making time for yourself?"

Put me down for guilt here too! I never feel like I deserve any "me" time. There's always something else I should be doing, or at least I think so. Not that I don't get time to myself, but sometimes I don't think I"m able to really enjoy it.