Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Easy Memory Keeping

This is a great habit that I started that scrapbookers and non scrappers alike can start to enjoy. The difference in approach is to make it topical, instead of a daily/weekly sort of memory keeping goal.

Every Mother's Day, my husband takes some snapshots of me with the kids. I posted this year's here (and got so many positive comments that I thought I would share some of my other picture-taking memory-making practices), and my profile pic is the one from last year.

Every Father's Day, I take a picture of my hubby and the kids. Here some of them are, since I think that they all look awfully cute.

(This is one of my favorite pictures)

(Terry gets to be with his FFM in this picture)


(Wow, Kyle has changed. Actually Amanda did too.)

I'm sure that most people take the requisite child with birthday cake picture every year. When I was a representative for a company called Once Upon a Family, I learned a great deal about keeping things simple. One product that they have (that you could make yourself with any small scrapbook) is a birthday book. It's small and meant to hold one picture of your child on their birthday. I know that keeping beautiful and detailed scrapbooks is a labor of love for some, and I did enjoy my years of scrapping. However, when I discovered this simple method, I embraced it heartily. Think of what you have preserved from your childhood. Probably not too much. Wouldn't one simple album with one picture of you a year be a wonderful keepsake?

The Mother's Day photos and Father's Day photos also go in their own albums. It is neat to see the changes that occur from year to year. Other ideas include an Easter album, a Halloween album, and a summer album, with the same idea of one picture per year. They are simple, they are fun to display at that time of the year, and the work of actually preserving changes and growth in the family is accomplished.

Simpler memory keeping--it Works for Me! Click over to see other participants.


Appliejuice said...

What a great idea and so simple. Well, I have missed the last 13 years of Mother's Day and Father's Day, but I am going to start now. Thanks so much for the tip. Just love it!

Lauren@BaseballsandBows said...

Great idea! I am going to start this Father's Day!

GiBee said...

Great idea, Jennifer! Thanks for suggesting it.

Katrina said...

Great idea! I take a picture of the kids on Father's Day (or a little before, and then frame it as a FD gift), but I like that you have you and Terry in your pictures. Thanks for sharing the pics, too. I think I've seen most of them before but it's really neat seeing them together and seeing how the kids have grown.

org junkie said...

We take a family picture each year in the same spot always. It is so neat to see how the kids grow from one year to the next.

I really want to start taking more pics of me and the kids though.


Joyful Days said...

You know we take so many pictures of the boys, but really none of "us" as parents--hubs by default and me by design. You know we really should start this.

Great post.


Melkhi said...

I like this idea!

Sheila said...

Fantastic idea! I will start this with Father's Day!