Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Eight Things About Me Meme

HipWriterMama tagged me for this meme. I did the 6 Weird Things About Me back in January, and people said that they weren't that weird. Since then, I did think of one really weird thing, so I'll start off with that, and then just give you seven more things about me, that you might or might not know.

1. Whenever I open a public restroom stall, I half-expect to find a bloody dead person in there. Why?? I have no idea. That is weird.

2. My parents divorced when I was about 9, but they have always been very civil, which has made it easier. Combined holidays or family celebrations are never a problem to have both my mom and dad along with their new honeys. Even just a few years after they had divorced, my teacher awarded me the "most parents" in attendance at my open house, because my mom, step-dad, and dad all three sat side by side.

3. As an adult, I've never lived in the same house for more than 4 years (my mom and stepdad still live in the house I moved to when I was seven). My husband and I have lived in Houston in an apartment for 1 1/2 years, then a house for 2 years, then to Portland, Oregon in a house for just under 3 years, then a house in Houston for just under 4 years, and now we've been here in Connecticut for almost 3 years. Do you think a move is in my future??

4. I'm not a put-together, organized type of gal. I am a clutterer. However, I have been reading up a lot about it, and I hope to cure myself!! The book that I am currently reading and finding myself all through it is Organizing for Life: Declutter Your Mind to Declutter Your World. So far I've just read about why I have a hard time keeping things in order, but I'm hoping to figure out how to make some new habits once and for all. Oh, you think I could get off the computer and start cleaning up? Well, that might work, but I think I'd rather read about it.

5. Along these lines, due to information in this book and also in Chocolatheraphy (which I reviewed at 5 Minutes for Mom), I may have a bit of adult ADD. I certainly am distractible, I get bored with routine tasks, I have problems with self-control (like talking, something I struggled with as a child as well), I am forgetful. . . . I'm not into labels, but I am going to look into ways of coping with the way I might be wired.

6. Along the 5 Minutes for Mom reviewing lines, I have really loved doing my new book column, 5 Minutes for Books, which appears Mondays at 5M4M. I have really been trying to break into freelance writing, and this has felt like a big step forward in that venture--meeting deadlines and trying to put forth my best work (unlike what I post here, which is sometimes pretty off-the-cuff).

7. I enjoy all kinds of traveling. This weekend we camped with my in-laws, but also did some sightseeing (more on that later). I've taken long car trips, either camping in a trailer (thanks to my grandparents who have helped me see almost all of the U.S. as I was growing up), and I've taken long flights. I've been to Europe twice, Canada a handful of times, Mexico a few times. I've cruised (once, but would like to do it again), had trips where we walked and toured and saw everything until we were exhausted, and quiet beach vacations where I enjoy the sun and the ability to relax.

8. As a result of being a procrastinator (see number 5 above), I have run out of gas. More than once. More than twice. I think it's been a while since it happened (many years), but it's happened at least 4 times that I can remember.

I know it's been going around for a while. I'm supposed to tag eight, and that's a lot, even on the front end of a meme! I will go ahead and tag people, but if you've done it before, just skip it (or if you've already dodged a tag or two, no problem). If you've already done 7 things, see below how I can make this exciting for you!

Lauren S.
Rebecca (who I know doesn't do memes usually, but she could make it a fashion meme!)

In fact, if any of you want a topic, as Lori did when she did the 7 things (including Lori, if you want to do another 8 on a different topic), just ask me. Lori, consider yourself tagged as well!


freddie said...

you do sound like a very interesting person and full of life! I'm sure you're a wonderful mother.
Pace e Bene
br.Freddie OFM

Katrina said...

I love reading new things about you! The bloody dead body thing is weird, but it just shows that you have a great imagination, right? :) I think I'm too uptight to run out of gas. I'm one of those weird people that fills up soon after the needle drops below half.

Lauren@BaseballsandBows said...

Those were fun to read! I will think of you now whenever I go into a public restroom! :) Thanks for the tag. I have done this, but it would be fun to do one centered on a certain topic. Will you send me one?

Lori said...


ADD, huh?! I'm kind of wondering about that myself sometimes - especially as I get older.

I loved doing the meme on my high school years. Even my friends learned new things about me!

Thanks for tagging me to do another one - just send me a topic and I'll go for it.

HipWriterMama said...

Thanks for sharing your 8 things! I'm with you on #4 and #8. Sigh.

Susanne said...

The first one is weird. Could it be you've seen a movie that had that and it's really stuck with you?

*sigh* I would love to travel like you do!

org junkie said...

Hi Jennifer, I'd love to read your review on the book Organizing for Life when you finish it! I think you are doing a fantastic job over at 5M4M.
I hate traveling, just too many things to go wrong for me to relax, not to mention the motion sickness...uggg. Anytime you come back to Canada you are more than welcome to come visit me here in BC!

Rebecca said...

I will do this, thanks for the warning!

About your number 1, I have thought so many random strange things that my first response to that thought was, "I wonder why I've never thought of that?"


Dianne said...

These were so fun to read! The bloody dead body in the stall cracks me up. I've run out of gas my share of times too, so I can relate! I'll put this one on my list for next week - thanks for the tag.

Helen said...

Thanks for taggin me - I just did it!

I am "officially" ADD, but beneath my calculation lack I think it brought me more blessing than curse...

Susanne said...

I almost bought the book you're reading at the bookstore last week. I haven't always been such a clutterbug, I used to obsess about keeping my home in tip-top shape, but lately?? Well...let's just say I've gone from one extreme to the other! Thanks for sharing your list, and letting us get to know you better.

Suzanne Eller said...

One thing that might help you in your pursuit of freelancing is a free online group called The Writers View. There are two groups, and the first is for beginning to intermediate writers. It's moderated and shared by professional writers in the Christian field, and it's at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/TWV2. Perhaps that would be a good connection for you.

Suzie Eller, Founder of TWV1&2