Monday, June 11, 2007

Extreme American Makeover

Speaking of blogging--What do you think of the heroine of a teen novel starting her own blog? It's actually a pretty cool idea. Today in my 5 Minutes for Books column I am featuring First Daughter: Extreme American Makeover by Mitali Perkins.

You know the book trailers that you sometimes see as commercials? Well, Mitali made her own. Take a minute to watch it. It's really cool.

I had so much that I wanted to say about this book that I had enough for two posts. I figure a two for one blog tour can't be bad, right? So here's part of my interview with both author Mitali Perkins (MP) and the character she created, Sparrow Righton (SR). Click over to 5 Minutes for Books at 5 Minutes for Mom for the rest of the interview, my full review, and a chance to win a personally autographed copy.

JD: Sparrow, your teacher encouraged you to journal to express your true self, but you had already found that the interactive forum of a blog helped you reflect on your true self. Are there any subjects that are off limits for you--something that you would never blog about?

SR: Yep. I hope I’d never trash or shame anybody. My goal is to create a safe circle for people to meet, chat, argue, and connect. No haterade served here.

JD: What about you, Mitali?

MP: Same as Sparrow. :)

JD: There are pitfalls and perks to living in the public eye. Other than living a lot of bloggable moments, which do you enjoy and dread most?

SR: Death threats from loonies who hate my Dad are the worst. As for perks, the jet planes we sometimes charter during the campaign come with luxury leather seats, plasma television sets, and delicious gourmet meals. Not a bad way to travel. I also really enjoy meeting older people during the stops, even when they pinch my cheeks. What I dread are personal questions about my adoption ... and my love life (which was pretty much nonexistent -- until lately. YAY!)

JD: Mitali, you are a mom of teenaged boys. How did you tap in so well to this teen heroine?

MP: My soul is stuck at 14, which is good and bad.

I think that I first became familiar with Mitali Perkins because of our involvement in the Cybil's (but in separate categories). Anyway, I like her. I consider her a "blog friend." So, had I not liked her book that I agreed to read and review, that could make for a difficult situation, right?? But I love it. If you like reading teen fiction, or if you like politics, or want to see into the mind of a teen these days, check it out.
In fact, it's one of the books that I'm going to recommend for Read Together, Summer 2007. Remember Read to Me? People asked if I was going to do it again. I probably will, but this is my summer project. The intro post with all the details will probably go up a week from today.


Katrina said...

Very cool idea, and I like the trailer too.

Little Willow said...

Hey Jennifer! Glad that you are part of the blog tour. :)

Leah Belle said...

Jennifer, I'm having trouble with my computer and the email feature of your blog. You asked me for me address (I won Bekka and the Big Bubble). Would you please email me at leahbellejatyahoodotcom so I can reply with my mailing address? Thanks. Sorry for the trouble.
I am excited about the book!