Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Summer's Here!

Finally. Yes, finally the official summer break has come to this part of Connecticut.

Yesterday was Amanda's last day of third grade (which was made even longer due to a weird storm last month that caused schools to be closed for two days). The last day of school always means that euphoric feeling of "I'm free!" Here in our town, they also bring home their report cards and are told to which class they've been assigned for the next year. So when Amanda got home, the phone rang several times, and this was how the conversation would go:

"Who did you get? Oh. I have Ms. X. Do you know anyone else
who has her? Oh, Jane does? Cool! I'm going to call her!"

It's a fun afternoon, but it always makes me see how grown up she is becoming to see into the secret world of eight-year-olds. I remember feeling that way when she first started preschool and I would hear about the way her teacher does something, or hear about something that Mary told her about. The apron strings were lengthening.

This morning she is a little grouchy because I let her stay up later than normal last night. She didn't sleep late, and so she woke up in a mood. I told her that if this is how she is in the mornings that she won't be allowed to stay up late. The response that I got to that was this:

"If I'm not allowed to stay up late, it's Kyle's fault! He's already
ruining my summer! I just want to be alone and he keeps bothering me!"

Oh, if you only could have heard the begging when she was four and just needed a brother or a sister. . . .

Actually, she is a great big sister and she takes delight in him. One would think that with five and a half years between them, there wouldn't be too much bickering. One would be wrong--a reduction perhaps, but not complete elimination. One of her jobs around the house this summer is going to be to watch him a couple of times a week for thirty minutes to an hour at a time. She already does a good job of playing with him, or letting him play with her, but I've told her that when she's officially watching, it's different from just playing with him. She needs to make sure he's happy, so she might be doing more of what he wants to do instead of what she wants to do. Of course I will be here, but it will give me a little bit of a break (to write or blog), and it will help her to learn to make sacrifices for others, I hope, and to see the benefit and responsibility of being a big sister.


Lori said...

Wow - summer sure does start late for Amanada! But I'm glad it's finally here for you.

I like the idea of her "watching" him for an hour - that is great responsibility building. She is a terrific big sister - and I hope she realizes it herself this summer.

Beck said...

Yay, Summer! My kids are still in school until Thursday, and they're getting their report cards then. Our school is so small, though, that we already know what class they're going to be in - the same ones they already ARE in!

angeleyes Blue said...

My 15 year old son informed me yesterday that he was voting me off his island. He was also voting off his psycho sister--who is 11 months his Jr.

In his next breath he informed me that he was having a b-day party Tuesday (today) at the house. He had invited 10 boys and 5 girls.

Not to miss a beat I asked him how he was going to feed all these teenagers? We haven't done any food shopping in 2 weeks and we are down to bare cupboards?

He rolled his eyes when he said 'yeah mom you have a point. I am inviting you to come BACK to my island but that psycho sister can't come with you.'

I again didn't miss a beat when I mentioned that HE needed to clean the house if we were to have all these people over.

He said 'mom...sissy can come back to my island only to help with the cleaning.'

Children you gotta love 'em.

Great pics by the way :)

Katrina said...

Perhaps Amanda can take comfort in the fact that Logan is ruining Camden's summer, too. "We can't ever go anywhere because it's always Logan's naptime!" "I always get in trouble when I just want to play with him!" [This is after hitting Logan in the face with a cardboard box.]

Good for you for giving Amanda some Kyle-watching responsibility. Good practice for babysitting, which I'm sure she'll be doing in a few years.

Org Junkie said...

I couldn't agree more with letting the big ones take on some responsibility for watching the younger ones. I like what you said about the difference between watching and playing.

My kids don't find out who their next teacher is till the start of school in Sept. I wish we found out sooner!


Dianne said...

What a good idea to have Amanda officially "watch" Kyle for periods of time. Good for you.

The other day my sister's six year old did an entire load of laundry by himself, without being asked to. We underestimate kids' capabilities.