Friday, June 22, 2007

What's Your Favorite?

I hate "favorite" questions. That's why I don't do well at memes. My favorite food? Well, are you talking sweet or savory? The best thing I've ever tasted, or what I reach for when I want something good on a daily basis? Favorite movie? Do you mean the best quality movie I've ever seen with a moving plot and brilliant acting? Or that movie that makes me laugh (and/or think) no matter how many times I watch it? Can I call a deeply moving movie that doesn't necessarily make me feel "good" my favorite, even if I might have great admiration for it?

So, HipWriterMama is asking us What's Your Favorite Post? and inviting us to link up. So, do as I did. Dig deep, or think back over the last few months and pick out one that you would like to share. Again, the questions came: My deepest post? My funniest (that's a short list)? Perhaps the one most representative of my blog? In the end I guess I went with that criteria and I chose The Panera Experience, (written in Janurary), but the other two I considered were Friendship (from last summer), and The Awkward Years (which was one of my first posts). What do you think? Should I have gone with one of those? Is there another Snapshot post that stands out in your mind that I should have considered? Let me know so that I won't have this dilemma in the future.

I also wanted to share a couple of other bloggy happenings that have caught my eye and I am joining in.

One involves one of my favorite types of reading:

It's called the Armchair Traveler Reading Challenge from A Life in Books. Here is the criteria: "Fiction or non-fiction works are fine, and do not need to be specifically travel related, as long as the location is integral to the book - I’ll leave that to your discretion. Locations must be actual places that you could visit, so no Middle Earths or galaxies far, far away."

I love to learn as I'm reading, whether it's fiction and the writing about a place or a time that I absorb it as much as I do the plot. I have always enjoyed travel writing if I can't be traveling myself, and as it so happens, there are several books that I have had on my TBR list for some time that qualify. So, I'm in. I've perused some of the lists that have been posted and come up with my own.

I will read at least six titles from this list:

Travels with Charley in Search of America
One Year Off (The World)
The Other Boleyn Girl (England)
The Sisterchicks in Sombreros (Mexico)
The Kite Runner (Afghanistan)
Reading Lolita in Tehran
A Girl Named Zippy: Growing up Small in Mooreland, Indiana
Almost French
Monsoon Summer
Schindler's List was on someone's list and I might attempt that one, although it would take some resolve. I haven't even seen the movie, because my husband has never wanted to because it's too sad. I just can't tackle it alone, but I could probably read the book. Another one I've been interested in for the same reason (well, a good movie that he can't watch, but because he has something against Tobey Maguire) is Seabiscuit. I'd have to investigate the "sense of place" a bit more. I don't know if the horsetrack counts, and I don't know how place-specific it is, but I'm going to see.


Another challenge that I am going to try to do is the Christy Challenge at Shaunarumbling, where we simply have to select a book from this list of Christy award nominees or winners and read it this summer. I don't consider myself a lover of Christian fiction, but I have read two of the 2007 nominees, and I generally do enjoy it when I read it. I am going to try an author who I haven't read yet and see if I find a new favorite.


Katrina said...

I am horrible at picking favorites! I just can't do it, so I always qualify by saying "one of my favorites" or "a few of my favorites." I like all 3 posts you mentioned -- just don't ask me to pick a favorite! The Armchair Traveler challenge sounds interesting and I look forward to your reviews/thoughts. I'm all challenged out, so I'll just enjoy this one vicariously through you.

Beck said...

Picking out favorites drives me nuts, too! There are so many things that I love, really.
Travels with Charley! Fun!

HipWriterMama said...

The Kite Runner is incredible. Monsoon Summer is very good. Good luck with the challenge!

Thanks for participating in the Favorite Post Meme. I liked your choice very much! No need to worry about favorites, just choose in the moment, and you'll be fine. No looking back now!

Have a great weekend.

e-Mom said...

Lol, for HipWriterMama, I think you should re-post the one that included a photo of you in a beard (or was it wig?).

Seriously, you have some heavy-duty reading ahead. I'd love to join in the great challenges you've linked to here, but with aging parents' issues and a garden, the warmer months really aren't my best seasons for curling up with a book.

Since my kids are raised now, I won't be joining your Read Together challenge, but I support your efforts wholeheartedly. I think it's a wonderful idea. Something that's new for my daughter and me this year is Bible study together. Since she's moved out, we've been delving into Beth Moore's "Daniel" study. It's a wonderful pretext for dinner and a visit, and good Bible discussion to boot. Strange, but we've both been involved in Bible studies galore, but never together! I wish we had started earlier.


Jennifer, Snapshot said...

LOL e-mom, that was a beard (and kerchief)--full regalia for VBS last summer!