Friday, July 27, 2007

Bloggy Business

First, two bits of timely business:

Mandisa is going to be on Live with Regis and Kelly today! If you go to their site, you can get a free download from her CD, which releases on Tuesday, so check it out. I really did like the two songs that I received on the CD single from her label.

The Dog Days of Summer made my sitemeter go crazy, like nothing before. Yes, bigger than the Blog Party from 5 Minutes for Mom, bigger than the mama of all events, the Bloggy Tour of Homes. Because I got my name in the top 20, and because bloggers love books, I guess, I had 600 hits the first day. 600!! Then 300 Tuesday and 200 Wednesday and then still a few extra visitors with 150 Thursday. Wow.

So, thanks everyone! I hope that some of you will check in here or Mondays at 5 Minutes for Books regularly to see what else we are giving away.

So--the winner of my Pick a Book is comment number 27, Becky at beckbeck. I am going to be generous and allow her to pick up to three books from the list, instead of just one. Email me (check the sidebar or my profile for a link) with your book choices and your address!

Secondly, I've wanted to talk about comments. I love to hear from my readers. I don't mind or think it's rude if people "lurk" (read without commenting), but I have realized that one reason I really like blogging and keep blogging is community. So that means I usually comment on blogs I read (not every post, but if I'm reading, you'll hear from me), and I like it when people add to the thread by giving me their thoughts or reactions. *Update at 11am* I certainly am not implying that every single reader should comment on every single post that they ever read, but just that it's nice to hear from you once in a while, especially if you have something to share.

If you check the box, you are more likely to hear from me in reply to your comment. I don't leave replies within the comments, because I don't think that people regularly check back, unless someone asks me a specific question and there is no other way to reply. Do you, as readers, expect me to? I don't want anyone to feel as if I am ignoring them or unappreciative of their thoughts.

Also, even though I don't select my blogroll based on "I'll read your blog if you read mine," I am more likely to check in with your blog if you comment here. Partly to be nice (you know, like returning a social call), and partly because I'm reminded about the blog (as I was recently when Jen Rouse commented, and I was so glad because I found her cute post on Confessions and Contradictions), and mostly I think it goes back to the community thing. I do moderate my computer time somewhat by not checking many blogs every single day. It's quicker and more efficient for me to check in every few days or weekly. However, if I do have a minute, I am more likely to want to drop in with someone who I feel like I have a relationship with. I'll stop now before you call the internet stalking police on me.

And finally, I have updated my blogroll. I have decided that I instead of just having my must-reads on there, and some rotating spots (who was I kidding--those have been up for 3 months or more!) I have a feeling that it will change in the next couple of weeks, because I'll gasp and think, "I forgot X! I love checking in with her occasionally. I can't believe it!" But I have found that if it's not on my blogroll, I forget to check in (whether it's once a week or even less frequently than that). *Update at 11am* I sort of have it there in the sidebar. Flooble doesn't appear to be fully functioning, so I'll have to be sure I entered all the code, so it won't collapse, which I think is fine for a while. I also don't know how to change the color to make my background, but I know someone who will be able to help me, but unfortunately, she's a bit busy this weekend, so I will leave it as is for the time being.

That's all. Any thoughts on these issues??


Roses Are Red, Violets are Violet said...

I agree with you... it's funny to mention a blog entry to someone and they say "oh, yeah...that was the most touching thing I've ever read," etc. but I look back and there are 0 comments... I'm not basing my self-worth on comments, mind you...but it sure is nice every once in a while to have someone who really enjoys a partciular post let you know... I lurk on plenty o' blogs but, trust me, if I enjoy an entry-- I want them to know. :-)

Love your blog, by the the colors, the design, the photos and the tagline. Good stuff!

Heather said...

600 hits? 600 hits! wow, girl. you are one popular chick!

Denise said...

Hi Jennifer, I am a lurker and I have to admit sometimes I feel intimidated by the amount of comments some popular blogs get on blogger. Despite the fact that I would love to leave a comment when I read a blog, I find myself thinking well surely they won't even see it when they already have over 100 messages! But you are right, and even if it's just a quick hello, I will leave a comment to say I've been by.
And thank you for taking part in the give-away, it was tons of fun. I'm drawing a winner this afternoon. Still time to comment if you get over there before 4pm cst ;-)
Hugs Denise

Org Junkie said...

Hi Jennifer, I sure wish everyone would check that box! I love reading others views on blogging, thanks for sharing yours. My policies are very similar.

Have a great weekend!

Overwhelmed! said...

I have a tendency to respond to my comments (when I can) via email rather than within my own comments section. If you have "that box checked" and your email is readily avaiable to me, you'll probably get a response. If I have to take the time to try to hunt down your email, you might not.

As commenting on other's blogs, I really try to leave comments as often as possible. I used to be a lurker, but not any more. :)

Congrats to your book winner!

Annabelle said...

Congrats to the winner! Thanks for hosting this drawing!

Lauren@Baseballs&Bows said...

I, too, try to respond through email. I don't think many people go back and check comments unless it is a hot topic. It does really help when people check the box!

summershine said...

Being a fairly new blogger I just recently discovered where the required email address of commenters is stored in wordpress.
I have been responding to comments on the actual post and will probably continue to do so unless I for sure I want them to see my response.

I also don't mind lurkers but really would love for readers to comment more often. It just feels great when they do. Well, if it's a nice comment anyway.

Rhen said...

I love commenting and getting comments (I don't mind lurkers at all). I enjoy the blogs I read and I want to let that person know that and it is just fun. I like the community as well. I do prefer an email reply if I leave a comment that needs one. It is easier than trying to search for a response. LOL
I enjoy your blog!
PS- Dont let numbers fool you. I have had over 1600 hits in a couple months but few comments. How should I take that? :) ;) LOL

All for His glory, ~Rhen

Stephanie said...

I try to comment occasionally but not all the time. And when someone comments on my blog I like to email rather than make a comment myself. I figure most people aren't coming back to read the comments.

Congrats on your stats!

Katherine@Raising Five said...

I think people are busier in the summer with their kids. I know I am! I almost never reply to comments in the comment box for the same reason you don't. I love email replies, and that makes it seem more personal, I think, anyway.

I've found when I read "information" type posts, I tend not to comment as much, but that doesn't necessarily mean I'm not reading or that I'm not interested. Not every post can be inflammatory to generate a million comments...unless that is the purpose of your blog, of course!

Katrina said...

Hm, that friend who might help you with flooble wouldn't happen to be me, would it? :)

I have not been a consistent commenter this summer (or blog reader, for that matter), but I'm thinking that once fall comes and school starts up, I'll get back into my commenting groove. We shall see...

Scratchin' the Surface said...

Hi Jennifer,

I've wondered too about commenting on comments, but sometimes adding a note clarifies something other readers were puzzled about. Like you though, I dont usually go back after I've left a comment with someone. Overall it's a bit complicated sometimes!

Dianne said...

I am way behind, as you can see, on my blog reading. Anyways, with regards to comments, some bloggers do seem to enjoy carrying on conversations with their commenters in the thread and those I will check back on. I kind of miss having comments on my blog but in a way, it's been freeing not to feel obligated to leave comments on every single post I read, since my time is so darn limited right now. Always enjoy your thoughts though -as usual, an interesting variety of things to read here!!